Learn the Symptoms of Schizophrenia From A Parents Perspective Of His Son!

Generally schizophrenia disorder does not just sneak up and strike a person out of the blue. There are many symptoms of schizophrenia along the way that to the trained eye would immediately recognize. Unfortunately my wife and I did not have the knowledge or expertise then to fully grasp what we all were in store for when our son became an adult.

Like I had mentioned before our son was full of energy from the moment he entered our home at three months old. To say that he was hyper would be like saying Mount Everest is a tall mountain. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world bar none! Our son was hyper! In fact he might have redefined the word hyper and taken it to another level. He was into everything and no amount of time outs or spankings would deter him from whatever he was after! I guess I’m not sure if these were the early symptoms of schizophrenia or not, but in my personal opinion I believe they were.

He began crawling out of his crib at a very early age. We had to take all kinds of precautions to keep him safe in the middle of the night since we lived in a two story town home.

Let me take a minute to provide what I believe is another good leadership skills tip. Circumstances can dictate how you lead! Although many books and articles, including these, can provide you with good leadership skills it is real life that determines if they are effective or not! In this case a good leader must adapt to the environment or circumstances that are dealt to them. I could have read a million books on how to raise children but none would have prepared us for our son!

There was no challenge he was afraid of! He attacked life with everything he had to offer! I believe he was around four when he and his older brother were out playing with some older boys near our home. I was relaxing in my chair when his older brother came running into the house frantically asking for the baseball bat! When I asked why he said that his brother was fighting all the older boys!

I leaped from my chair and ran outside to find him holding off several older boys with a stick that he had found. He was fearless! He was not going to back down for anything even at that age. Although I was extremely frightened for him, the Marine in me was a little bit proud as well. Another example of what could have been the early symptoms of schizophrenia in that he didn’t reason the same as most at that age.

Please continue to follow these personal stories of my son who suffers from schizophrenia disorder and today is totally disabled living with us in our home.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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