Store Leadership Program

Developing and maintaining a worthwhile store leadership program can be a challenging task; however, it must be your goal!

Increasing retail sales and reducing expenses is the driving force behind all training activities.

Introducing leadership for your management team into your training programs can help dramatically in both those areas! After all good leadership skills need to be a part of every aspect of your retail business, from cash handling to customer service and more.

Take turnover as just one very small example.

Too many managers only look at the direct cost of turnover versus what the real cost of it is.

The real cost comes in the form of less productivity, poor customer service, fewer sales, how it effects the other employees that now must pick up the slack, the time spent on training the new employee, the time it takes the new employee to become fully productive, etc.

Wouldn't it be better to create an environment where the customers are being taken care of by employees that are glad to be at work? There is no substitute for passion in anything we do!

When I worked for the Marriott Corporation the motto that Mr. Marriott began and maintained was that it was management's job to take care of the employee so that they would take care of the customer.

I can honestly say that it was a motto that the company did live and breathe by.

So when trying to decide on a leadership program make sure you consider all aspects of leadership, but certainly I would focus on how to create a great environment where your organization is considered as a preferred employer within your community.

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