Start Up Business Plan Presentation: Know what goes into it!

Producing a start up business plan presentation does take work, but it is well worth the time if you put the right research into it. First, let’s discuss the elements of a business plan presentation, at least for those that are going to be presenting this to a financial institution for the purposes of acquiring a loan.

1. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - Writing an Executive Summary:

An executive summary generally is approximately one to two pages in length. It can be longer, but if it is it should only to make a very specific point. The longer it is the more that a potential investor will not continue to read on. This will spell disaster for you! Although it can be a vision type statement it should contain only what is truthful and verifiable.

Here is just a sample of how you could start out an executive summary:

This internet cafe business plan is for “The Caffeine Connection”, a new creative and cozy internet cafe located within walking distance of the financial district of Manhattan, New York. The Caffeine Connection will market itself to receiving a fantastic cup of gourmet coffee, and a place for the local business persons to hookup and surf the web. The choices of different gourmet coffee beans and freshly homemade pastries will be enough to capture and hold the upscale customer.

Remember this is only a very short example and is not complete. A properly written executive summary will also include information about your, Customers, Services, Management, Sales, Marketing, etc. I am a strong believer in and personally use Business Plan Pro to assist me with my start up business plan presentation.

3. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - Explain your Product(s) or Service(s):

The section of your start up business plan presentation will describe your product(s) or service(s). This is also an opportunity to explain how your business idea is different than any others out there in your geographical area.

The Caffeine Connection will provide high quality service using nothing but the best gourmet blends of coffee beans purchased from the best wholesale coffee outlets in New York City. The pastry products will only use natural ingredients made from scratch, and never premade or prepared. The environment will consist of ergonomic task chairs with classic computer style tables. For those wanting to just relax and enjoy a cup of well blended coffee and a pastry, will provide overstuffed leather sofas and chairs!

Remember this is only a very short example. This is only to get your thoughts flowing.

4. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - A Market Analysis:

One of the most forgotten elements of any business plan! Yes people will add verbiage and data into this section; however, most won’t take it serious when they do it. I know because I was one of those individuals and my business failed and failed quickly. Not until I took the market analysis piece seriously did I become successful.

In the United States, and especially in the Northeastern United States, gourmet coffee has continued to grow in popularity in an alarming way. At the same time our country has a segment of the population that is growing rapidly who must be connected to the internet at all times in their daily lives. The Caffeine Connection intends to capitalize and cater to this element of the population, by offering the finest gourmet coffee beans and homemade pastries. All of this while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In this section you would go on to explain how the segment of the population you are targeting is going to find your internet cafe. This must include real data along with meaningful charts and graphs if possible. They will make a point fast and accurately. 5. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - A Strategy and Implementation:

This element of the start up business plan is intended for you to explain how you intend to market your products and services in order to meet your sales goals. If you are projecting unrealistic sales numbers an investor will know immediately.

The Caffeine Connection is located within walking distance of New York City’s Financial District and we intend to have a strong marketing presence to the business person. We intend to offer free Wi-Fi and PC’s in an environment that is comfortable, cozy, yet includes areas that can enhance someone that is doing business. There will even be some customer areas that are tucked away for those that are conducting business meetings. The majority of our focus will be on the business person, whether young or old. Based on our research 44% of the business persons in the area has an interest in frequenting an internet cafe. Additionally, the population in the local area matches up perfectly with our focus on this internet cafe.

In this section you would go on to give sales projects that are realistic. Be careful not to assume that just because 44% of the population may be interested in your internet cafe will visit it.

6. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - A Management Summary:

This is your opportunity to explain your ability to manage this new business idea. This is a critical piece to securing finances. You must be able to establish that you have the ability to make this business successful.

The Caffeine Connection will be managed and operated by an individual that received their formal training in business from Columbia University. The entire management team will be made up of individuals that believe in hands on management in order to reduce the cost of operation, while also eliminating the burden of a large employee staff. The owner of The Caffeine Connection has spent the last five years working for a national know coffee house business. Because of their focus on knowing and understanding what the customer is looking for The Caffeine Connection’s top manager understands and knows where to purchase the finest gourmet coffee beans.

7. Start Up Business Plan Presentation - A Financial Plan:

This is also critical data for securing financial backing. This will contain key financial data, such as potential sales, your cash flow, and projected profits.

The Caffeine Connection intends to contribute 50% of the necessary projected funds to start up and carry it through the first year of operation. This includes either the rental or purchase of the equipment and supplies. Rental in some cases offers a more cost effective means of acquiring the equipment. Based on our well researched sales projections The Caffeine Connection expects to become profitable after its tenth month of operation. Going forward from the tenth month it expects to obtain a profit margin of 9% on sales of $23,847 per month. Those sales projections are expected to increase by 7.5% each month thereafter.

The financial information used in this section must be shown in detail based on truthful data. Charts and graphs are a necessary part of this section. Business Plan Pro is a fantastic tool to assist you in this process!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

A Start up business plan can be produced much easier than you think!

A Start up business plan can be produced much easier than you think when you use the right business planning software. I guess if you wanted to make things much more difficult on yourself you can spend the hours necessary to research, draft, and put together a professional presentation necessary for the potential investors you need the financial backing of to get your business off the ground! Your choice!

There is no question about the fact that a start up business plan becomes not only the tool necessary to get financial backing, but it is your road map to success. Without a business plan it is like walking in the dark around your home after someone rearranged all the furniture. You think you know what is ahead of you because you’re an expert in the field, but you really don’t. Before you know it your business ends up like all the others that started off without a solid business plan to go by. Bankrupt!

Do you really know who your customer is?

Do business plans really have a purpose? Are they only for the banks? Well let me ask you this. Do you really know who your customer is? Do you know how old they are? Do you know where they live? Do you know the average wage of the people in the geographical area that your business is located in? How much do they currently spend on your type of product? How often does that change? You see that this is just the tip of the ice berg in knowing if you are wasting your time trying to open up a business that on paper spells disaster! Why not find out first before you invest your life savings?

Business planning software will help with asking the tough questions you will need the answers to prior to presenting your business plans to the financial institution for the money necessary to get your business off the ground. Some even have built in tools to show you where to gather the information. And unless you are already experienced at putting start up business plans into the right format the business planning software can do that also. Since you’re not in the business of producing business plans for a living, why not seek the help of a software program that is reliable and inexpensive.

That doesn’t count the idea of paying your rent and eating!

Not only is knowing who your customer is and how you’re going to attract them to your business and keep them coming back, but have you given thought to how much money you need to make just to break even? That doesn’t count the idea of paying your rent and eating! Even if you bank account is over flowing with cash and you believe you can survive for up to three years without making a profit, why not let the real numbers speak for themselves. Start up business plans need to tell a story, and that story needs to explain whether you will or will not ever be profitable. After all, if you want to throw money away I will give you my address.

It’s crazy to imagine that some people that call themselves intelligent would run off to their local bank and ask for a loan to open a brand new business without start up business plans in their hands. That same person would think you were nuts if you lived in California and wanted to drive clear across the country for the first time looking for a specific destination without a road map. Start up business plans if produced properly using a good reputable business planning software can not only tell your investors that your business is worth investing in, but will be a detailed road map for you to measure your progress and make adjustments along the way to success. Don’t cheat yourself out of being successful!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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