Start a Business from Home

I am living proof that anyone can start a business from home to either earn a full time income or certainly supplement your present one.

Four years ago I had an urgent need to supplement my monthly income by an additional $1000.

My wife’s health was at a point where she could no longer earn her part time income providing daycare. She gradually had to take fewer and fewer children to the point where we needed something right away to keep us from losing our home.

If I had a preference I wanted to do something from home so that I could control the hours that I worked. Yes I did consider going to work for someone else but that would be I would have to punch a time clock. That would mean that attending my children’s sporting events would now be placed on the back burner.

I began frantically searching the internet as you are probably doing yourself right at this moment for something that could earn that extra income I needed to survive.

I continued to come across the same thing over and over again. That thing was creating a website based on something that I had a passion for.

To me this didn’t make one bit of sense because my passion is small business and leadership. How in the world would I create a website about these two subjects that would earn me an income?

I didn’t and still don’t have a product to sell. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I have to offer on these two subjects.

Guess what I was wrong! I still can’t believe it myself.

Of all the websites on the internet around the world people were visiting my website as often as 1500 to 2500 people per day. Guess what they still are and the number of visitors is increasing every day.

Now I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that when I wanted to start a business from home it instantly became successful. It does take time based on the amount of time you invest.

But each day and month the number of visitors grew and grew until now I is earning what I needed to supplement my income.

I do this from something referred to as Google AdSense. Google allows website owners that create informational website pages to place Google Advertisements that match the subject matter of the article. If a website visitor clicks on one of those advertisements you will receive a portion of the fee they charge that advertiser. It’s referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC.

Some article content is worth more than others. As an example you may only earn a few cents for some content while others may be worth several dollars just for one click.

When I wanted to start a business from home I had little to nothing to invest in anything, especially on a hope and a prayer.

I came across a company called Solo Build It! They allowed me to pay by the month to create a website that met all of Google’s requirements to ad Google AdSense to my web pages. They also had amazing training tools that helped me completely understand what I needed to do in a user friendly to use format.

Just to give you a taste of what that means they helped me understand Keywords, SEO, Page Ranking, and much more. I didn’t need to know anything about programming or HTML Coding.

Anyway to start a business from home it is one way that I chose to make an additional income that got me out of trouble.

Thank you for reviewing this information on how to start a business from home and may God bless you!

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