Spirit Driven Leadership

One must only look to the bible to truly understand what Spirit driven leadership is! Whether we look at Moses, Gideon, David, Paul, Daniel, Joseph, or many others we will see men that looked to the Lord for guidance and direction before taking any action as leaders.

Moses led over a million people out of Egypt through the parted Red Sea and to the edge of the promise land; however, God took forty years preparing Moses for this assignment. Even when Moses tried to decline God’s request to be the Israelites leader God would not take “No” for an answer. From the day Moses was born until he took his last breath God directed him. Moses was truly a spirit filled leader. He wasn’t perfect, nor did he follow God’s direction perfectly. But when he did make mistakes he quickly corrected them the best he could.

Let’s take a look at Gideon. God found him cowering trying to hide. God addressed him as a “Great Man of Valor” before Gideon went on to destroy over a hundred thousand enemy troops with only a mere three hundred. As with Moses, Gideon did not want to carry out God’s request, but through the Spirit driven leadership he succeeded, not with his own ability but the abilities that were given and directed by God. Although he questioned the direction of God Gideon still carried out God’s orders.

If we learn anything from these first two examples the most important aspect of the Spirit driven leader is being born again and listening to God’s voice. That voice will not direct you to do anything but adhere to God’s word within the Holy bible itself. Hence, the leader that believes he is being asked to carry out the direction of God; however, that direction is a violation of God’s word then he is not being directed by God. God can’t and won’t contradict His word; therefore, Spirit driven leadership must be familiar with the word of God.

Let’s look at King David. Growing up David was not even considered by his own family when Samuel went from house to house seeking the next King of Israel. David’s father presented all his other sons but left David in the fields to tend to the sheep. Samuel had to press David’s father to see if he had any other children. When David was finally presented Samuel recognized him as the next King. They were all dumbfounded, except God and Samuel of course. David went through many trials and tribulations on his way to being the King that prepared him for his position. As we all knew he took on Goliath, the giant, all by himself. Even as King he blew it when he failed to follow the Spirit and fell prey to his own lusts. If you remember he committed adultery, murder, false witness, etc. Not until he looked up to God and recognized that he needed God to forgive him. He understood that God was the reason he was the King, and not from his own doing.

Therefore, Spirit driven leadership requires that a person submit themselves to God first and not allow pride to overcome them. Any leader that begins to believe it is them and not God working through them will soon fail. It is just a matter of time. Hence, give all the glory to God! God deserves it and requires it from all of us!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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