Who Is a Spirit Driven Leader?

A spirit driven leader is the individual who seeks guidance from God first or places one hundred percent of their faith and trust in God if they must act immediately.

Throughout human history there have been numerous written records of those leaders that sought guidance from God first and received remarkable results for doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous ones and see how their example may be able to help and inspire us.

Moses was among the most famous. As we look at the life of Moses we immediately see that God prepared him from birth to become the spirit driven leader that he became. We also see that it wasn’t an overnight process like many of us hope for. It took eighty years to prepare him for the actual moment he was to begin his God directed leadership mission in life.

Most of us, including me, can hardly wait for the microwave to pop our popcorn before becoming impatient. We stand over it tapping our foot and wondering why it is taking so long. Developing good leadership skills can take time. It’s not a matter of attending a few leadership seminars and presto we are great leaders. No! In fact it is quite the opposite in that it can take years. Many young leaders that spring up out of nowhere to seemingly have the potential to become great leaders fall into failure because they had not been prepared for all that leadership calls for. Now there are exceptions, but few of them.

In the case of Moses he spent forty years being raised by the Pharaoh of Egypt, which included the very best schools of that time and on the job training. However, most important of this training which most seem to overlook is the fact that his own mother was able to be his spiritual teacher throughout his life. Of course he also learned through the school of hard knocks.

Now the spirit driven leader believes, and I agree, that all things in life occur because God allowed them to. That does not mean God wanted them to happen necessarily, such as a person with a gun going into a small town grade school and killing several children. Remember God does not remove our ability to have the “Free Will” to make our own decisions. But what it does mean is that God tells us that all things come together for good to those who love Him. To the spiritual leader this is what they hang their hat on and rightfully so!

So back to Moses he spent the first forty years of his life learning as an adopted son of the Pharaoh before he turned back to his roots and killed an Egyptian soldier. Because of that he ran into the wilderness to hide. There he spent another forty years where God continued to develop Moses into the leader He needed him to be. Can you imagine spending eighty years just preparing to be in a leadership role? That’s hard since we live in this microwave society. We want instant everything. Most of us want to enter a company as Vice President and work our way up from there.

When God finally told Moses what he wanted him to do Moses actually tried to back away from God’s request. He threw every excuse in the book at God, but God would have no part of it. God knew that Moses was ready and even more importantly God was with him. The spirit driven leader understands this more than anything else, and that is that God stands with them when they seek His will and not their own.

The leader that turns to God first is the leader I want leading me! For if God is for us who can stand against us?

Once Moses understood what God wanted from him he went onto do miracle after miracle. Parting the Red Sea and walking across on dry ground was and is huge to us since we have trouble keeping the floors dry when it’s raining outside. To God nothing is impossible!

Moses was one of the most famous spirit driven leaders but there were many more, such as, Gideon, Joseph, Noah, and King David.

One last lesson we can learn from the spirit driven leader like Moses is that many of those that follow them have doubts about what direction they are being taken in. Sometimes that doubt like the first generation that left Egypt paid with their lives. Their children saw the benefit by being allowed to cross over the Jordan into the promise land. In this case Moses, although frustrated at times, didn’t allow the people to influence him from following God’s will. That by itself is the most valuable lesson of all!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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