Learn the Signs of Schizophrenia From A Parent Who Has A Son With The Disease!

After my son graduated he started showing the first signs of schizophrenia. He had just turned nineteen years old and had already dropped out of college and went through several jobs. Unfortunately my wife and I had no idea what was going on and we attributed everything to his already diagnosed Bipolar Disorder that he had since sixth grade.

We also began to question ourselves as parents. Although we had three other children, one older son, a younger son and a daughter, we felt as though we must have failed to raise him to be a responsible adult. The guilt was overwhelming! What had we done wrong? Why was our son being such a dead beat!

I suppose the most obvious signs of schizophrenia that we witnessed were his constant body motions and giggling throughout the day.

The body motions that he continually did was to shake his right arm as if he were trying to shake something off of it! He would also twitch his head dramatically. The other most noticeable and annoying was the continual pacing throughout the house. It was like watching a caged animal at the zoo where they would go back and forth across a cage.

He also began to lose interest in many of the things he used to enjoy. Things like playing computer games, reading books, watching television, hanging out with friends, camping, hiking, and just being a lovable young man.

I honestly don’t know if these are the normal signs of schizophrenia or not but they sure were in our sons case.

Those body motions and pacing started out slow and continued to get more and more dramatic over a period of about three to six months.

When he wasn’t pacing he would sit or lie in his room and do absolutely nothing but stare into space. The look in his eyes would almost pierce you from intensity. If he was not my son I would have been afraid.

Taking a step back for a minute to see how this relates to good leadership skills I can only tell you that we are faced everyday with things we don’t understand, but we must react to them. How we react determines how good our leadership skills are. In this case all I could do was try to figure out what was happening based on my own experiences in life. Unfortunately I had no experience with this. Just as they did with Apollo 13 they had to adjust to the circumstances pulling upon many different ideas.

Until he finally exploded one day ending him up in the state mental health hospital those were the main signs of schizophrenia disorder that he demonstrated to us. When I say exploded I really mean exploded. In his attempt to hit me he struck his mother in the face. The police were called and they immediately recognized he had a mental illness.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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