This is Not a Self Help Book on Depression But It Will Help!

Although this is not a self help book on depression it is a short story of how depression has affected our family and how we have dealt with it.

First of all let me make it very clear depression is a crippling illness that can, and most likely does, affect every family from time to time, and as I stated above I will explain how it affected ours. The unfortunate problem with depression is it can be very temporary or last a life time. It often comes along with other mental health baggage like bi polar or schizophrenia.

Not a self help book on depression - When you see a child who has grown up with so many normal dreams struck with depression …

In our family’s case it came attached to both bi polar and schizophrenia when our son was struck with it at the age of nineteen. When you see a child who has grown up with so many normal dreams struck with depression, bi polar, schizophrenia, and who really knows what else it devastates you as a parent. We all want so many things for our children but above all else a normal life. Normal things like having a family and a career.

The good news is that there are many self help books on depression that can assist in simply understanding that others like my family are experiencing the same things you are. My biggest fear is that my son will take his own life. That one day we will enter his room to find him dead! That scares me to death! You see he doesn’t really have any friends since most are afraid of him because of his behavior. He doesn’t have a job since they can’t tolerate his actions. No one wants to hang out with him. So he is stuck with only his parents, us, trying our best to make his life worth living.

He blames GOD for his situation and I try desperately to explain that GOD is not at fault. His biological parents are to blame. The same biological parents that took drugs during the pregnancy and caused him to be born addicted to cocaine and meth. Ultimately sin is to blame. He wants no part of that explanation.

Not a self help book on depression - We worry continually that he will harm himself…

We worry continually that he will harm himself although he has done nothing that would directly give us the impression that he would. However, if he has not come out of his room for some time we instantly believe he may have done something to end his life.

He has spent time in a mental health facility and it has made him terrified of returning. I am not sure what happened there but he has made it very clear he will not go back no matter what. The no matter what scares us! The other side of that same coin is that we sometimes fear for our own lives not knowing if a voice in his head is telling him to do something.

Self help books and especially self help books on depression are all over the place but be selective in what you read and then ultimately what you believe. I am a strong believer that “One Size” does not fit everyone. What works for one person may be the absolute wrong thing for someone else. We have four children and all four are different and responded differently to the same things. Do your homework first before jumping in with both feet. That goes with selecting a therapist also. Not all are good!

Not a self help book on depression - He is a very good man and with lots of love…

Our son will live with us for the rest of our lives and then it will be up to his siblings to take care of him since he is unable to care for himself. He is a very good man and with lots of love if the world will just give him a chance.  leadership