Schizophrenia Disorder – What are His Symptoms?

Before I continue where I left off on my last blog post (9) I want to go into a little more about the symptoms of schizophrenia disorder as it relates to my son.

Please understand that no one in our immediate family is qualified to give you the medical definition of schizophrenia disorder, but we are certainly qualified to tell you the behaviors that someone with it displays.

The mindless pacing is one of the biggest signs of schizophrenia that our son started off with. He would walk in one direction and then turn around without any reason. Then turn around again.

Up and down the stairs from the basement to the living room.

During that pacing he mumbles and talks to no one, occasionally laughing!

You ask him who he is talking to and he generally won't answer! He just continues on as if you are not there. Sometimes he will come over to you while you are sitting and will stare at you in a way that is almost frightening. You'll ask him what he is staring at you for and he will shake his head as if he is returning to reality and say nothing. He will then turn and walk away.

He will ask you bizarre questions like "Do you know that I am only an illusion and that I am not really here!"

Once he was happy one minute and then began crying the next asking us why we would not come and get him. That he was only an illusion and that he was trapped in another dimension. He was begging us to get him! Why would we leave him there! It was reality to him!

He would tell you out of nowhere that he was thousands of years old!

He stopped watching television all together because he was afraid he would get trapped into that dimension! In his mind television was real but happening in another time and place.

Dealing with someone that you love that has schizophrenia disorder is not easy!

No different than dealing with a child that is crippled and needs help doing everything. It takes all of your energy, but you will always be there to help!

Returning to the mental health hearing it was now my son's turn to take the witness seat.

Moms can't stop being a mom no matter what. The day before she insisted we bring him dress pants and a dress shirt so he would look presentable during the hearing. Amazingly he was wearing both and looked very nice. However, his behavior and how he answered the questions made it clear he was not in touch with everything going on.

He insisted that he would not go to the state mental home. He would be fine going home. His words were all over the place but I couldn't help but feel horrible.

Why couldn't he just take a pill and make it all better! Unfortunately there was no band aide this time to fix the problem!

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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