Schizophrenia Disorder – He would need to go to the State Mental Health Hospital!

Living life with, or with someone that has schizophrenia disorder is devastating!

My oldest son told me once that he wished that he didn't have to work and received a disability check like his younger brother!

I looked at him with all the love in the world and told him he should count his blessings every single day that he doesn't have schizophrenia disorder!

I told him that his brother would probably never live a normal life! That he probably will never have a wife and children! That he will never be able to dream the way you can! That everything that he has right now is what he will have because of his disability! His disability is stopping him just as someone in a wheel chair is not able to do certain things. The problem is that society doesn't see it the same way. They look at the outside and say there isn't anything wrong with him! What they can't see is the inside!

People are afraid of him when he starts talking to himself and laughing!

Girls that once took an interest in him will not answer a phone call from him!

I suppose in some societies hundreds of years ago he might have been put to death!

I told my oldest son don't you ever wish that on yourself again!

Back to the West Wing and needing to leave after my son asked if he could go home with us!

Our hearts were breaking!

We told him that he needed to stay and get the help necessary so that he could come home! Unfortunately in his mind he was normal!

It was tough leaving that day but we managed!

Then our whole world became even more complicated when the nurse from the West Wing called and told us that in order for him to get the help he needed he would need to be transferred to the State Mental Health Hospital.

Seemed fine until she told us that one of us would have to testify against him in an official hearing because of the way he was brought into the facility, i.e., by police on a seventy-two hour hold!

Now as (l parent we had to testify against him in order for him to receive what we believed would be beneficial. The problem was that he didn't understand that he had a problem! In his mind we were turning against him!

My wife and I struggled over what was best!

We knew something else was wrong with him and we wanted to find out what it was! Since he wouldn't voluntarily seek help we were faced with this overwhelming duty!

I finally told my wife that I would testify and this would allow her to be left out of the process!

Somewhere during this whole decision making process the doctor finally told us that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia disorder. That without the right treatment and medications things would get much worse!

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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