Schizophrenia Disorder – My Son Was Very Strong!

With or without schizophrenia disorder my Son was strong!

Very strong!

As we stood speaking with the police officer I couldn't believe how completely weak and exhausted I felt.

The earlier struggle drained every bit of energy from my body!

Even during the twelve years I spent in the Marine Corps I had never felt this completely drained of my energy, both physically and emotionally. During those twelve years I thought there was nothing else that could challenge me in either of those categories but I was wrong!

Being in a fight when you have every intention to harm the other person takes energy! However, when you are in a fight trying not to hurt the other person while protecting you and your loved ones takes an enormous amount of energy.

Thanks to God the police officer did take our Son to the West Wing where he was placed on a seventy-two hour hold.

This was the beginning of our understanding that he was suffering from schizophrenia disorder!

At the first opportunity we were allowed to see him we went to the West Wing.

This is the first time in my life I felt absolutely helpless!

Helpless to save my Son from whatever was stealing his mind away from reality!

Although I still had no idea he had schizophrenia disorder I knew things would never be the same from this day forward!

I was not able to save my son!

I wanted to cry but my pride got in the way! After all I was a Marine!

Marines don't cry they kick ass and take names!

Well this Marine wanted to cry like a little baby!

I can only imagine how a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness must feel!

Your children look to you to have an answer for everything!

For the first time I had no answers!

When we saw our Son for the first time he was almost like a zombie from all the medication they had given him!

Part of me was angry at them for doing this and part of me knew it was necessary!

Although nothing was mentioned about the previous chaotic ordeal that led to him being there I knew he was thinking about it!

Another crushing blow came when my Son asked if he could come home with us!

That helpless feeling overtook me again, when I had to tell him no!

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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