Schizophrenia Disorder – The Day of the Mental Illness Hearing!

So we finally were told what was crippling our son! It was schizophrenia disorder!

Now what could we do about it?

The nurse and the attending doctor On the West Wing told us the best thing would be for him to get treatment at the state mental institution completely across the state. It would require us, either my wife or I to testify, and as I stated in my last blog post I would be the one volunteering to do so! Maybe volunteering would be a stretch, but yes I agreed it was better for me than his mother!

As with all hearings like this my son was provided an attorney since he was unable to afford one on his own. Remember he was legally an adult at the age of 19 teen years old. If he didn't want to go voluntarily to the state mental institution he would either be forced by the law or released back to the public.

On the day of the hearing my wife and I sat down with the nurse and the State's legal Attorney to discuss the way the proceeding would take place.

As we sat there they brought my son out with his attorney into the lobby which was still within a secured area of the West Wing. There was no question that my son already knew that we were teaming up to send him away. At least in his mind!

I don't wish this experience on anyone! Anyone out there having to go through this I truly understand that it is an impossible feeling to explain! No words can describe your heartache!

I know It was the right thing for him but was I absolutely sure! I guess I wasn't sure but had to trust in God!

I know he felt betrayed by us! I know that his appointed attorney told him we were against him! He totally blew us off as we tried to talk with him! It was killing us!

Again, schizophrenia disorder or not, he still had feelings and so did we! We were a family being torn limb from limb by not only the schizophrenia disorder but by the legal and medical system!

Our son who we loved so very much and wanted so desperately to help saw it as turning against him!

The people he trusted his whole life for everything were now turning their backs on him. How could we do this?

I told the nurse I was not sure I could go through with it! She told me again that it was necessary if we truly wanted to help him. What was I going to do?

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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