Schizophrenia - He Took a Swing at Me!

We knew our Son had mental health issues but had no idea that it was schizophrenia disorder!

As I was speaking with the 911 operator and screaming at my son to put the car keys back he took a swing at me!

Unfortunately my wife was trying to stand in between us and she was struck in the face by his fist!

Our younger son who was only twelve at the time came running out of his bedroom and leaped onto his brothers back as he was headed for me! What a brave act to try and protect us!

Unfortunately he was thrown off his brothers back into a chair and his brother began to swing violently at his face and body.

After he was able to get in two or three hits I grabbed my son from behind and threw him to the floor!

Somewhere in all this the telephone was dropped onto the floor!

As I held my son on the floor which took every bit of the energy I had, I screamed for someone to get the police here now! I also told my wife, my younger son and daughter to get out of the house.

No one can understand how difficult it is unless you have experienced it to hold someone down on the ground that wants to hurt you but you love them and do not want to hurt them!

Picture a nineteen year old lying face down on the floor with a fifty year old doing everything in his power to keep him there without hurting him. I had my right arm under his throat and holding his left forearm. I had my left arm around his waist while I placed my chest across his back.

He was trying to get away with every bit of strength he had.

At one point he began biting my arm. Although I wanted to let go, I knew someone would get hurt if I did! I allowed him to bite but it hurt like you just don't know!

I held him there for about twenty minutes before the police finally showed up!

The policeman came in armed with a stun gun!

As I released my son he started to scramble around as if he was going to challenge the policeman!

The policeman looked as though he was going to shoot my son with the stun gun so I intervened and held my son back. Again, a very chaotic situation!

Fortunately the policeman didn't shoot him or me by mistake!

As they handcuffed him and took him to the police car my wife and I begged them to take him to the West Wing which is a local mental health facility. What we didn't want was for him to be charged with a crime! We knew he needed help badly!

It only took one conversation with my son for the police officer to agree with us! We still had no idea that our son suffered with schizophrenia disorder.

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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