Schizophrenia Disorder – Getting Up for School!

At this point we knew that something was wrong mentally with our boy but still no idea that it was schizophrenia disorder!

Growing up he was always extremely smart and excelled at anything that challenged his mind!

He could take a very large book and read it through in one day.

Sometimes at night he would take a flash light and read different portions of some old encyclopedias that we had He would read anything and everything! He was like a sponge. Primarily because his mind was continually racing! He would become bored quickly if he was not busy.

At one point he was in the gifted class for excelling in his work. However, he was taken out of that class pretty quickly because he just couldn't hold his concentration like the other students. Sure he would ace the tests but not complete the homework!

During middle and high school we fought with him almost every day to get up and go to school.

I get so frustrated with those snooty parents that tell you, "You just need to force them to get up and go!"

Or the school officials that send you the letters and phone calls telling you that you are somehow a poor parent for not taking care of your responsibility to get him up and off to school!

We tried everything from pulling his sheets off his bed to dumping him and his mattress onto the floor. We would poor cold water onto him. I suppose we could have been charged with abuse but we were just trying to get him to school.

He still did not cooperate.

We had no idea what to do or how to handle the situation.

The school finally charged us with not being responsible parents and we're going to take our rights away from us.

We had to get an attorney who stopped that in its tracks. Thank God!

The problem with society is that everyone needs to fit into this neat little cookie cutter pattern and when something doesn't fit all hell breaks loose.

Well our son had problems and we had no idea.

At around twelve or thirteen he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder!

Although we had a name for the problem it didn't make life any easier for him or us!

Yes he was placed on yet another medication that worked sometimes and didn't other times.

I'll come back to this part of his life later, but for now we were faced with leaving our son at the West Wing while they sorted things out.

Again, still we had no diagnoses telling us that he had schizophrenia disorder. Not that it would change a thing!

Thank you and May God Bess you!

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