Schizophrenia Disorder – Call 911!

When schizophrenia disorder strikes a family it is devastating!

Everyone in and around the family is effected!

Unfortunately for our son his life has become what he would refer to as a trap!

We were able to finally understand that he was suffering with schizophrenia disorder about six month after he graduated from high school.

Unfortunately it was one of the most traumatic experiences of our lives! Keep in mind that I spent twelve years in the United States Marine Corps and I had experienced some pretty traumatic things but none like this!

Our son was down stairs in our home.

My wife went down for something and noticed our son continuing to hit a key on the computer keyboard that flashed on the screen. He was continually hitting the key which created a constant flashing effect. He starred directly into the screen.

My wife asked him to stop!

He refused.

My wife asked him again in a louder voice!

At this point I could then hear what was going on from upstairs where I was sitting in the living room.

I could hear that my son was beginning to get enraged.

I flew out of my chair and headed downstairs!

When I arrived it appeared as though my son was going to attack his mother!

I got in between them and began to threaten my son!

Not the best plan as I look back!

I told my son that he was no longer welcome in our home and that he would have to leave!

As we headed back upstairs he followed and screamed at us that this was his home and we needed to get out right now!

I then picked up the phone and dialed 911 since it was turning quickly into a chaotic situation!

As I was on the phone with the 911 operator my son said that he was taking his car and going to leave!

The problem was that he didn't have a car or any insurance to cover him when driving ours.

I screamed at him to put the keys down and that is when all hell broke loose! Understand that we had zero clue at this point what schizophrenia disorder was and that our son was suffering with it!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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