Sample Interview Questions and Answers

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In the information provided I have provided sample interview questions and answers!

But, first things first!

You must approach every interview like your job depended on it!

Oh, that's right it does!

How would you prepare for a formal presentation to your Boss?

Would you do any research at all?

Or would you just wing it?

I’m guessing you wouldn’t just wing it!

So just like anything else, the more information and knowledge that you have, the more power you have to influence any potential outcome. The less you have the more susceptible you are to letting whatever is going to happen, to just happen!

Don't just let it happen.

Be in control!

A very simple example of this would be our court system. If we choose to represent ourselves in a murder case and we have no skills or knowledge of how the system works, what do you suppose the outcome is going to be? My guess is that unless we are just lucky, we will be spending a lot of time in prison.

Sample interview questions and answers…

How you would increase sales? Do not answer it by giving them the changes that you would make. It would be better to give them examples of how you increased sales at your last or current position. This is important so that you can demonstrate that you have applied the principle and it worked. This rather than telling them something you hope will work.

So you may answer that question something like the following:

I was able to increase sales by 64% in my current position by analyzing several pieces of information and then making the appropriate changes. We discovered that our customers were primarily in the age ranges of 21 to 30 and had an annual income of $120K. Our most popular items proved this to be the case. So we increased our inventories of like items and decreased in others. Our advertising dollar targeted this customer.

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At your previous position(s) what was your safety record or the safety record of your staff?

I am very proud to say that during my entire career I have never had a work related injury!

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Like the old Dragnet Show several years ago they used to say, "Just the facts!' This applies here also! Just the facts!

If you tell them you're the best, it will mean nothing if you can't present the evidence to justify it. It is better to let your track record speak for itself by informing them of your accomplishments.

If you are fresh out of school then use your educational accomplishments to define who you are. How did you do research in school? What were your grades? What things did you volunteer for? What clubs or organizations did you belong to?

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What are your long range goals?

If I’m selected for this position, my long range goal is to learn as much as possible about the position (fill in this with some possible specific things you would like to learn). I really want to stay with this company and make it a career if possible. Hopefully that will include some promotional opportunities!

Try never to talk hypothetically when answering any question. Try very hard to relate it to something in your past that will apply to their future. I don't care if you have just graduated from college. Find a real life example. That may be from a biography you read. It may be from a family friend. It may be from a committee you served on at church. It hopefully will be your experience, but if not have a real life example to use.

Caution though! Don't ever make something up and present it as real if it is not! An experienced interviewer will catch you in a lie every time. I have and would! And when I did, it was Game Over!

Don't be hypothetical. If you are, they know you have little or no experience. You are just guessing. Why would I want to hire someone that is just guessing?

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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