Sample Employee Appreciation Letter

Provided below is a sample employee appreciation letter that demonstrates just how easy writing it can be!

I wanted to personally thank you for coordinating this year’s company picnic. It was a tremendous success!

I was personally informed by Mr. Anderson, our President and CEO, that this was the best picnic that he has ever attended.

My favorite part was the pie eating contest. In fact, I might have enjoyed that event too much since my clothes are fitting a little tighter today.

Dave, thanks again for making this year’s company picnic a lasting memory for everyone!

You have really set the bar high for all future picnic’s!


Too many times people try to over think the simplest of things.

My hope is that by providing this example of an employee appreciation letter it will show you how simple it can be.

Keep it short and make it personal. The last thing you would want to do is turn it into some type of form letter that is reproduced and used for all types of events.

If you are issuing an employee appreciation letter to numerous people for the same thing, I still recommend changing each one into something personal to them.

As an example if you were to prepare an employee appreciation letter for multiple people for the company picnic, pick out something that you know that specific person was responsible for.

Using a software can also make it just that much easier for any type of letter you may have to write.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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