Presentation Skills Training

Why do you need presentation skills training because most people would almost rather die than to speak in front of a group!

Of all the fears out there public speaking ranks up there at the top of the list!

If you're a leader you're going to have to make presentations to your subordinates and your leadership teams.

My obvious recommendation is for you to seek out some quality training.

Preparation is the key to anything or any fear! Know it and understand! My twelve years in the Marine Corps showed me you can overcome anything. Don't run from it - face it!

As you seek out training make sure it covers all aspects of how to present material to various types of audiences.

I say that because when you are preparing to give a presentation you must consider who your audience is. That is the very first step prior to putting your materials together. This way you're not talking over their heads or beneath them.

Next step would be to understand what the expectations are of that group.

If you are making a presentation on how to provide good customer service to a retail sales team, make sure you know what they are hoping to gain from the presentation. I know it sounds futuristic but the best way to gain this knowledge is to just ask them before hand if they haven't already told you.

In addition to knowing what they want to learn, make sure you provide them with information on what you hope they will come away with from the presentation.

Good training will cover the above, and if they don't include this move on quickly to the next training materials provider.

Other topics in a training program should be things like ice breakers and how to make a point with them. Just as a side note I have a complete section on this website for ice breakers.

Here is just a quick list of some other topics within presentation skills training material that you should look for.

Room Setup

How to use training aids such as flip charts, over heads, slides, movies, etc.

How not to stand

Use of hands

Eye contact

How to handle students/attendees that are getting restless

This will give you a little help on trying to find the best presentation skills training program for you.

Face your fears.

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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