Taking Advantage of an Online Leadership Program

An online leadership program makes it possible to sharpen your skills as a leader without costing you time away from the workplace. The savings that may be expensed on travel alone could negate any cost of the online training, which gives it a tremendous value.

Leadership takes on so many different meanings in today’s work environment so as we look at what type of leadership training you may need there are endless options to choose from. Here are just a few:

Online Time Management

Online Presentation Skills

Online Strategic Planning

Online Critical Thinking

Online Decision Making

Online Coaching and Mentoring

Online Building Teams

Online Conflict Management

Online Dealing with Difficult People

The list could go on and on but the point is that there are many choices; however, just because they claim to be a reputable online leadership program does not mean that they are going to be valuable to you. After all, the whole purpose of investing your time and money is to reap some benefits back to you and your organization.

Before being lulled into a leadership training course do an inventory of your skills. Here is just a taste of what you could look at that should help you understand if you need help in an area; has your employee turnover rate been going up/down/or staying the same, has the cost to produce a single product or service gone up/down/or staying the same, are employees having more on the job accidents, are you receiving more customer complaints, are you meeting deadlines, is employee attendance good, do your employees get along together, do your employees respond positively to you. These are just a few of the questions that you should be asking before spending time taking a random online leadership program that may not be what you need at all.

Don’t make the decision more complicated than it has to be though. Too many times we freeze up when trying to make a decision and then end up doing nothing. Or just the opposite, we over think the issue! After we decide what we need the next step is trying to decide what leadership program is right for us. I know that finances drive many of our decisions but the truth be told you may be better off not wasting your time or money on any online leadership program if it doesn’t deliver on its promise. You do get what you pay for in most cases.

So how do we decide? Do what the experts do. Take a look at the fortune 500 companies and see where those organizations are spending their money. This will be a great indicator of where you should spend your money also. However, don’t simply look at what the website says about those supporting them. Do your research on the training materials and the references that are provided. As an example if the online leadership program claims that Marriott International has participated in their leadership program, you should be trying to find out exactly how many have participated. If only a handful of Marriott employees have taken the training program it may be for a good reason that more didn’t. Do your homework.

Although I do not like to recommend any particular training program I have nothing but very good things to say about Franklin Covey’s online leadership programs. Stephen Covey does a great job of putting things into perspective and I was very happy with what I gained out of their training programs and books. I put into practice almost every day some element associated with the training I received.

Understand though that I have been to so many different types of leadership training programs that I don’t remember them all, yet this one sticks in my mind like glue. However, having said that you should still do your own research.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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