The Value of an Online Business Degree

Obtaining an online business degree may be one of the most beneficial things you will ever do in your life. There isn’t one organization out there that can’t use someone with a business degree. It simply crosses over all lines of any business whether for profit or not.

Let’s explore why a business degree is so valuable and what advantages it will provide you in your career.

More than anything it will provide you with insight into what makes any type of business function whether it is a scientific laboratory trying to find a cure for cancer or a factory making widgets. The main reason for this is that any organization must have a purpose to exist. With that purpose come responsibilities to someone or a larger organization to be successful.

Whether you obtain an online business degree or attend a traditional college or university you will be learning such things as keeping everything in balance. An organization that fails to maintain balance will eventually fail.

So what do we mean by keeping things in balance? Every part of an organization must remain motivated to participate in the purpose of the organization. As an example, whoever is supplying the capital to the organization must be motivated to continue supplying that capital. We will call this person the owner of the organization. Therefore, if the owner is not receiving any reward for risking their financial capital why should they continue participating. That reward may come in the form of a reasonable profit or believing that the cause is worthwhile. Once the owner no longer feels that their participation is worth their contributions they will either sell the organization or it will go out of business.

There are two more participants within any organization that are part of the balancing act that must be maintained and those two other parts are the employee and the customer. Let’s first talk about the employee and why it’s so important that they are a part of the balancing act. An employee, just like the owner, must be motivated to show up every day. Whether that motivation comes from being paid fairly or they wholeheartedly believe in the cause the organization is working towards. At any point they feel their efforts are worth more than what they receive in return they will either leave the organization or begin to give less to it. Excessive turnover and/or lack of productivity are the kiss of death for any organization.

Finally that online business degree should make clear to you the customers role in balancing any organization. If the customer is not receiving any benefit from the product or service why would they continue participating?

Therefore, all three components that make up any successful business must be in balance. The quicker you learn this the more likely you will understand all the pieces that make everything work together, from the budget to product safety. Everything plays a role in one of those components and whether you get that education from an online business degree or a traditional college you better understand it. Whenever you are faced with a decision the question you should be asking is how will it affect one or more of those components and in doing so will it keep things in balance.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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