The Matrix of Leadership - A Toy For Every Boy

The movie “The Transformers” which introduced the “Matrix of Leadership” is one of those movies that gave birth to a whole industry around them. From toys to DVDs, statues, accessory packs and even Halloween costumes, lots of collectibles are available for fans of all ages.

If you have no idea who Optimus Prime, Megatron, Unicron, Thunderwing or Starscream are, ask your children. They are most probably fans of The Transformers already.

The Matrix of Leadership is one of the artifacts in the movie, brought to life as a toy by Hasbro, the company who turned The Transformers into a brand. Initially known as the Creation Matrix, the Matrix of Leadership was a computer program into the mind of Optimus Prime, one of the main heroes of the story.

It appeared for the first time under the new name, Matrix of Leadership, in the animated movie. As Optimus Prime was on his death bed, he transferred the Matrix to Ultra Magnus together with the prophecy that some day, when the Chosen One will arise, its power will be used to light the darkest hour of the Transformers.

Briefly, as the story goes on, a true leader arises, in the person of Hot Rod. The Matrix reformatted Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime. Anyway, to make a long story short, the story ends in a way in the United States and in another way in Japan. In the United States version, the shell of the Matrix was used to access Vector Sigma.

Back to our world, a toy was manufactured in 300 individually numbered units and distributed worldwide. The toy is called The Transformers' Matrix of Leadership statue and it has a simple design: a golden sphere with a molded meteoric core and with a light up feature to make the connection with the Key to Vector Sigma accessory, also included with the toy.

The toy is already sold out. It is interesting, as time goes by and more and more episodes of the Transformers series are broadcast, what price this statue will be sold for in a few years from now.

If you weren't fast enough to get one of the 300 toys, you can still find other accessories such as iPad or MacBook decals made from glossy vinyl stickers. In case you are a true fan of the movie, there's another cool collectible you might want to buy as fast as you can: the Final Battle Optimus Bust. Designed by Art Asylum, the Final Battle Optimus Bust is six inch tall and it feature the Matrix, which is why I mentioned it here, in this article. It is not a cheap toy, as it costs $200, but this is also a limited series of 1000 pieces only, so you can secure one now in the idea you might sell it for much more when they will all be gone from the market.

Such toys are worth collecting because they have all chances to become vintage. The difference between an old toy and a vintage one is the price. Most of the time this is a big difference.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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