My Adult Son Is Living With Schizophrenia!

My son has been living with schizophrenia now for about five years. He has been in and out of inpatient mental health facilities. He has lived on his own in the past for almost one year before he refused medication and the voices completely overwhelmed him. He is now living with us, his parents, and most likely will be for the rest of his life!

Although he has good and bad moments the bad ones generally outnumber the good ones.

I would describe a bad moment as one where he is verbally caring on a full blown conversation with the voices in his head and he does not even acknowledge that we are around. Conversations like you would have with someone with give and take. He speaks and/or answers the questions the voices are asking. The only portion we hear are the answers or the comments he makes back to them. He is not asking and answering the questions.

I consider all of us to be living with schizophrenia since his life is so imbedded in everything we do. Not a day goes by that he is not part of our daily lives.

I can’t speak for anyone else with schizophrenia since I have not lived with anyone else but him. I can say that his symptoms and actions seem to be far worse than any others I have heard described. I would like to cry out to God and tell him it isn’t fair, but it only takes a moment to realize things could be so much worse! As an example we have a friend that has an older boy completely unable to take care of themselves. They must do everything from bath him to feed him. As bad as I think our situation is I would not trade ours for theirs.

The burdens of living with schizophrenia are great! Unless something changes our son will never know the joy of being married! He will never know the joy of raising a child! He will never work and having some meaningful activity in this life!

I know that I can hear some of you asking yourselves right now that there is no reason that he can’t have all these things! My only answer is that you must live with him to understand! I’m sure I would be saying the same thing as you want to if I were in your shoes!

During that year when he lived on his own we stopped by one day unannounced and found a frying pan with about a half an inch of grease on a burner that was set on high. When we came into the apartment the place was filled with smoke and he was dead asleep in his room. That’s living with schizophrenia!

Another time while visiting his apartment I was in his bedroom with him and while I was walking across the room he yelled at me to stop! I stopped and asked why! He pointed at the floor in front of me to warn me of the giant hole in the floor so that I would not fall into it. The only problem was that there was no hole in the floor.

This is a normal day for those living with schizophrenia at least in our case!

Thank you and May God Bless you!

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