Letter of Reprimand

Issuing a letter of reprimand is an experience that you don't look forward to unless you are prepared!

Now keep in mind that we can call them letters of reprimand or written warning letters, but either way you look at it is discipline.

I have provided numerous sample written warning letters (you can easily change the name to reflect reprimand or admonishment) on this website that you can make changes to so that they fit your situation.

Of course not everything is going to match up perfectly, but it should give you a good idea of how to structure one.

How do you know if you should issue a formal letter or just talk with someone?

Well if you have never spoken with them about their behavior, and it is not extreme, then I would recommend first speaking with them. During that conversation just make sure they understand what they did wrong and what they need to change to do it right. Even though it would not be considered a written warning, or reprimand, I would follow up with a simple email that might say something like this;

"As we spoke earlier, this is a reminder that you are to be to work in uniform and ready to begin on or before your scheduled shift begins. Thank you in advance for your willingness to meet this requirement."

This way you have a record of using the progressive discipline instead of jumping right from nothing to a reprimand. You may want to use a written counseling instead of just speaking with them, since most see counseling as the very least form of correction possible. You can format that the same way as a reprimand or warning letter; just call it a written counseling.

Letter of Reprimand - Going immediately from nothing to a letter of reprimand

In some cases though going immediately from nothing to a reprimand, or written warning is appropriate, such as, lesser forms of sexual harassment or discrimination. We could list several more, but the point is that some behavior requires immediate response to protect your company.

Remember that if the company knows, or should have known, you may be liable for certain types of employee behavior toward others. You have a responsibility to protect them and one form of that is to not tolerate any form of certain types of that behavior like harassment.

I again encourage you to check out several of the sample warnings and if you like you can download them for a small fee.

Good luck and May God Bless You.

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