Leadership vs Management
Which One Is More Important?

Which one is it? Leadership vs Management? Are they a good leader or a good manager?

To make it as easy as possible to discern let’s break it down into a very simple statement. A leader has a vision and a manager helps carry it out! Of course it is a little more complicated but that is the clearest way for me to break it down for you.

Forget about all the various styles of leadership and the leadership theories that go along with them. Let’s only focus on what true leadership is and what true management is.

True leadership as I stated is someone that can envision what can be and then can relate that vision to others in a way that will inspire that team to achieve it, or at least work hard towards it.

True management takes that vision and uses the right resources, whether human or not, to accomplish it.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Then why do we have so many people trying to discern leadership vs. management? The real question at the end of the day is does it really matter? Not really!

When the decision was made for America to put a man on the moon it was the vision that inspired the result. Trust me though when I tell you that if we hadn’t had brilliant managers that worked day and night to carry out that mission it would have never happened. Therefore, we definitely need both and both must be very good or it will fail.

Leaders lead and managers manage!

A leader may have a vision whereby they want to change the image of their company. That vision may include first class customer service! The manager would take that vision and then do things to make it happen like training. The difficult part of management is that in most cases they are working with only so many resources, whether time, money, equipment, etc. Therein lays the difference between a poor, good, or great manager.

In this same vision of having first class customer service the difference between a poor, good, or great leader is how well the leader is able to communicate their vision to their staff.

On the other hand don’t mistake leadership vs management as a leader is some kind of dreamer that sits around and dreams up wacky ideas all day. No a leader is plugged into the heart and soul of the company. They envision things for the greater good of the company. A great leader never puts themselves first. Their vision always is for the greater good!

Management is very similar; however, they are less likely to be seen as such. They are the ones that are more concerned about the budget and other resources. They are the ones trying to make the schedules all work to meet the deadlines. They are the ones on the telephone with the vendors trying to get them to deliver their products on time. They are the ones listening to the feedback of the employees when something is not going well.

Now before we wrap this discussion up let’s not lose sight of the fact that when it comes to leadership vs management the person can be the same. In other words a great leader may also be a great manager. That is having the best of both worlds!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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