Leadership Training Laid the Foundation for My Career

Leadership training is the foundation of any career. In my case my career has been spread out over thirty plus years! That’s going on four decades of life experiences to draw upon to solve problems within the workplace and life for that matter.

In that time I have experienced so much that getting it down on paper is very tough. Everything from workplace violence to employee appreciation days has filled my career. On a personal note I served in the Marine Corps for twelve years and have experienced life threatening circumstances! Some of those life threatening events were brought on by my own stupid actions.  leadership

One common thread has linked my life learning experiences together and that is the fact that I would attend as much leaders training as possible. To my benefit the training was almost always offered and paid for by my employer. Of course that makes it hard to turn down.

Leadership Training - Every time I prepared for a leadership training class it forced me to reevaluate my…

However, I remember one specific person that did in fact almost always turn down leadership training. Her excuse was that she didn’t have enough time! Wow! That’s like someone driving across country on a very tight schedule saying that they just don’t have time to fill up with gas. Consequently, this person was let go! It was a shame because she had an extremely good work ethic, just not focused on the right target!

I have also conducted training and to be honest I probably got more out of it than some of my students. Every time I prepared for a leadership class it forced me to reevaluate my training materials. It is one thing to read or believe something but to get up in front of a large class and present it as a sound method of leadership, gets much harder. It is a real gut check moment.  leadership

At one training session my boss was in attendance. Talk about a time when I wanted to make sure I knew my material! Even more than knowing my material was the idea of making sure it was sound leadership advice! The class happened to be on presentation skills. Now that was a double blow! Getting up in front of a large group, including my boss, and teaching a subject about getting up in front of a large group successfully! It required me to double check every piece of my training materials! As far as training classes go it was a real success. Mainly because I was forced to reevaluate everything!

Leadership Training - Maybe they got lucky, but I doubt it!

If I learned anything from that experience it was that a person needs to approach every situation the very same. No shortcuts! No excuses! Do it the right way no matter who it is for! You will be proud of yourself and who knows, someone else just may get something out of it too! Now I’m not talking training anymore! I’m talking about life in general!

Many times we want to take a short cut because we don’t think it really matters! Maybe you’re right! In some cases it probably doesn’t seem to matter on the surface! However, habits are formed from repeatedly performing something either well or poorly! If an NFL football player takes shortcuts in practice what do you think is going to happen in a live game? Maybe they get luck, but I doubt it! You always hear that the great players have tremendously good work habits. They do what is required when no one is looking so that they can do great things when someone is!

Now it’s not always about doing great things! It’s about doing the right thing! When you look back at your career in twenty, thirty, or forty years from now will you be proud or disappointed?

I’m a strong believer in training! I feel this way for one very simple reason! If I’m sitting in a class listening to a person conducting training on any subject it forces me to begin to think about all my experiences and how this will apply! In fact I have often attended the same exact training more than once because I get a second chance to consider what I have been doing!

My routine comment to my staff has always been that the moment I think I know everything about my job and have nothing left to learn is the moment I need to retire or move on to a different career! That type of attitude will destroy a leader! Confidence is one thing, but arrogance is another!

Good luck and may God bless you!

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