Leadership Games Instill Lessons That Build Character

Playing leadership games is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build leadership or break the ice in any group. There are many skills people can learn from playing these kinds of games such as team work, building trust, making tough decisions, and more. This article will outline some of the best games you can play and what kind of leadership traits they can build.

A popular leadership game is the standard "trust fall." This game is designed to build trust between a group of individuals and at least three people are required in order to play. The game involves one person standing on a raised surface, for example, a table. The other two people then stand behind this person and hold out their arms together as the first person falls backwards with no hesitation gently into the other two people’s arms. This game takes a lot of trust, but can easily break the ice and build leadership.

Another popular group game involves at least two people and a round object, for example, an orange, an apple, or a rubber ball. The goal of the game is to pass the ball form one person to another without dropping it, but here's the catch, no one can use their hands! The first person starts with the ball held against their neck and chin, and their goal is to pass it onto the other persons chin without dropping the ball. After the ball has been passed around successfully the game is over. This game is great for building teamwork, an essential leadership trait.

The best game to build leadership is called "Blind Follower." It involves setting up a room with a bunch of obstacles. For example, you would put chairs everywhere, or benches that people have to step over. The next step is to take two people and blindfold one of them; the other person guides the blindfolded person through all the obstacles using their voice. For example, they would say, "turn right" or "take two steps forward." You will notice the people with the best leadership skills will always have the best finish time in this game. This game is great for building leadership, trust, team work, and communication skills.

After playing any type of leadership game it is important to have the group reflect on what they learned. You want to make sure people understand the idea behind the game. Example questions you could use are, "How did the game make you feel" or "did you have fun?" Asking these kinds of questions reinforces the games into the minds of the group and helps them build leadership skills faster.

Not everyone is born a natural leader, and that is why playing leadership games is so important. Many people have to develop the skill of leadership and playing these games will help. Some of the biggest leaders in the world had to develop the skill. Just remember that Leadership is a useful skill for everyone to learn.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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