Any Type of Leadership Development Training is Worth Exponentially What You Pay For It

Leadership development training has proven to be one of the most important aspect of success in the thirty five years I have been in a leadership role. As a matter of fact just the opposite! I have gone out of my way to continually look for any type of leadership training, whether it was executive coaching training, organizational training, and negotiation training, and so on.

Some of the best leadership development training I have been to always includes, some type of practical application. This could come in the form of the students playing out a scenario, or the instructor acting out a role. In my career I have seen it all and rarely does anything ever go exactly the way a leadership course trains you for. That is not to say that it is not valuable, because it is! Just keep in mind that each and every situation will be slightly different.

I think the one thing that new leaders seem to always have a problem with is trying to understand what style of leadership they should use. In my opinion this is the very first mistake they make. I say this because I believe the style they have must be their own personal one and not try to copy someone else. Copying someone else will only come across as unrealistic and subordinates will read them as not being honest, which will end in a disaster.

Another area that new leaders have trouble trying to deal with is meeting with a staff member to express their displeasure with poor performance or behavior. Certainly I can understand how this is always uncomfortable for new leaders. They either come across too hard or too easy! In some cases the new leader will wait until they can't put up with the performance or behavior one more minute and then they meet. This never ends well! For new leaders, a leadership development training course that teaches them signs and signals of what to look for so they can address the challenge early on, and not after it is too late.

Finally as you search out the type of leadership development training that will meet your needs, you always must consider if it is going to add value to your organization. Many times I have heard leaders that tell me they don't have the time or funds to attend training right now. I guess the question I would ask them is how much would an increase of 10% to 20% in productivity add to their bottom line? I throw this out there not because this number is absolute, but because I know that good leadership skills will not only help this category, but in every aspect of your business. Ultimately this will add to your bottom line.

Best of luck, God Bless

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