Leadership Definition
A More In-Depth Definition

Leadership Definition:

Before I provide a more in-depth definition of what leadership is from a real life perspective, mine, I want to share with you what most would believe leadership is.

Most believe the art of leadership is finding a way to move people in the same direction with the same goal.

However, there is much more that goes into being a good leader than simply finding a way to move people in the same direction with the same goal in mind. In fact, give me an assault weapon and I will get a group of people to accomplish anything I want. At least until I put the weapon down. The above is a good reason why a dictatorship only lasts until the dictator loses their power. In most cases they are then put to death.

Therefore, the true leadership definition should be to create and inspire individuals to accomplish a goal because they want to regardless of the challenges they may face along the way. A true leader inspires people! This is exactly why the United States Military is so powerful. They all believe they are fighting for a greater cause than for personal gain. I can say this because I served in the United States Marine Corps.

The greatest leaders put others first and themselves last. Yes I meant to say last and not second. A leader that doesn’t put others first will begin to make decisions based on factors that will affect them personally. This type of mindset will always change the straight path they had hoped to stay on. The first sign that a leader is beginning to put themselves before others is who is in the spot light. The team, the goal, or the leader! If the leader remains in the spot light it is a sure sign things are going to begin to go badly.

Another part of the leadership definition should be to understand those you are leading. This simply put means that you need to know what their skills and abilities are, as well as, what makes them tick! Not one human being in this world is exactly the same no matter what leadership course you’ve taken that tells you differently. I have four children raised all by the same exact mother and father, my wife and I, and each one has their own personality. Your team members are no different. Although someone might be good at one thing their personality might not be suited for doing certain things. The simple analogy here is that not everyone can play the same position in sports. Take baseball for example. Everyone on the team is important but they all play different positions. During the game different positions will be tested and if that one team member fails the team fails as a whole. As a leader learn who is good at doing what and then tap into their talents.

Part of the leadership definition includes the vision we spoke of earlier. A great leader sees the end result and understands what is necessary to get there. That same great leader must anticipate the needs along the way. This is different than managing the process. A leader thinks through the situation and has a vision of what it will take. That does not necessarily mean that the leader knows all, it just means they understand what it will take and then inspires the team to accomplish it.

An example of this would be the decision to achieve the very first successful moon landing whereby man would walk on the moon. No small feat but the vision was born. This was primarily inspired by Russia’s attempt to dominate space and the military ramifications that would follow. Similar to a sporting event there was a race to put the very first man on the moon. The motivation from the leadership was so strong that the individuals that actually landed on the moon believed there was a big chance they would not return. That is the Leadership Definition at its best!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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