Leadership Characteristics That All Strong Leaders Possess

The type of leadership characteristics that all strong leaders possess can be reduced down and the question is...;

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good leader?

Leaders are never born; they are made. They are forged after battling with adversity and persevering with the resilience, patience and wisdom that gains them followers and admirers.

Develop the following traits of a leader and join the ranks of the finest, most successful people in the world.

They have a vision

The understand their mission

They understand how to set goals

They have the ability to create a strong team

They can communicate their vision, mission, and goals to their team

They understand the various types of personalities of their team members and how to deal with them

They are great at motivating their team to accomplish their mission

They have a tremendous amount of ambition

They have a never say die attitude

Now if it were only that easy to pass or teach these leadership characteristics onto someone that was appointed to be the next leader we would never have any problems now would we?

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to do!

I am a strong believer that the truly great leaders are born with certain leadership traits that make them more suited to become great leaders. That is not to say that potentially great leaders do not have to learn certain skills, such as, communication, interpersonal, team building, goal setting, and a number of others.

However, it does mean that they are born with ambition and drive! Can living in a society that suppresses an individual’s inner person to a point where they have no more ambition or drive really happen? Absolutely! Can the opposite be true as well? Absolutely!

Too many times we think of great leaders in the form of someone like George Washington, who by the way was a great leader. However, there are great leaders that sprang up in the worst possible conditions, such as, Abraham Lincoln. If you read his biography of his childhood without knowing who it is you would never guess what he went onto accomplish. He was born with those leadership characteristics and then they were refined by the fire of life!

Those individuals that ran up the stairs to try and save the victims trapped when the twin towers were attacked by terrorists were great leaders. We also refer to them as heroes, and we should, but deep down they possess leadership characteristics that can’t be taught! Those individuals that ran up those stairs knew their mission, understood the goal and what would be asked to achieve it, worked with a team of people in order to accomplish it, and were driven to do just that. That is leadership by example!

If leadership could be taught we should have millions of great leaders throughout the world that create unstoppable companies and organizations. Instead we have countless training courses teaching all types of leadership theories, and good leadership skills; however, the outcome is that those participants do not go onto become great leaders.


Because they are not driven to do so! It is not part of their makeup! They were not born with something deep down that made them want something better for whatever they found to be important. They could not be taught how to see the vision, nor did they understand the vision even when it was explained to them.

Yes they sat through the classes and read all the articles like this one on leadership characteristics, leadership theories, and good leadership skills, and even believed in their own minds that they possessed them, but in fact they were not even close to possessing them. They were missing the ingredient that mattered most!

Ambition and Drive! There is no substitute and never will be!

Take a look at the great players in professional sports. You here one thing over and over and over again! Their personal workout habits! They all seem to dedicate themselves to getting better and better at what they do. They are never satisfied with status quo. The head coaches are the same way! They find a way to win! They possess the leadership characteristics that matter most, i.e., all the ones above. Just one or two won’t do! They must possess them all! The people that believe great leaders can be developed are generally those individuals that are selling something. Management skills on the other hand can be taught and developed into a very refined set of skills. This is completely different than leadership! I can manage a process and even manage people to accomplish that process, but it does not make me a great leader! It makes me a good manager!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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