Do's & Don'ts When Hiring A Labor Law Attorney

Labor Law Training Series – Labor Law Attorney

State and federal laws protect many aspects of working life. However, if co-workers or employers create an uncomfortable working environment, obtaining experienced legal help can make a difference in resolving the situation. The following are some dos and don’ts when hiring a labor law attorney.

Labor Law Training Series – Labor Law Attorney – Do’s


1.    Do Search Lawyer Websites

Many lawyers maintain informative and active websites. You get to learn a lot about who you want to hire to tackle your case by reviewing them.

2.   Do Fill Out A Questionnaire When Required

Most law firms have questionnaires. You need to fill them out fully and truthfully to help the lawyer understand your case better so that he or she can provide the best assistance possible.

3.   Do Provide A Brief But Complete Written Chronology Of Your Situation

Employment law cases are fact intensive and complicated. The lawyer cannot tell if he or she can help you unless he or she is aware of the details surrounding your case.

4.   Do Expect To Spend Some Money On Various Expenses And Lawyer’s Fees On Your Case

In most cases, it is not possible to finance employment cases on a contingency basis like accident cases where the lawyer receives payment after winning. Employment law cases are much harder to win and usually offer lower damages. It is thus not economically practical for the lawyer to take on the case for nothing at the beginning expecting to receive payment at the end.

5.   Do Expect the Case To Take Long To Resolve

The civil justice system is slow. You will also have to first file with administrative authorities and wait a mandatory period before going to court. In addition, these cases tend to be quite emotional for both sides.

Labor Law Training Series – Labor Law Attorney – Don’ts


1.   Don’t Expect the Case To Be Easy To Prove

Employment law is quite complex. The law places a very high burden on employees before winning a case.

2.   Don’t Expect the Lawyer To Be Able To Prevent Illegal Activity

Employment law is designed to clean the damage the employer has caused. It is only in very rare cases that it allows you to move to court and attempt to stop the employer from acting.

3.   Don’t Be Unrealistic About Settlement

While many employment law cases do settle, not all do. Due to the restrictions on damages and difficulties in proof, it is good to be realistic about solving any case.

4.   Don’t Expect Large Monetary Damages

Employment law has caps or restrictions that govern the amount of recovery. Generally, you will be entitled to lost pay as well as benefits along with some money for suffering and pain.

5.   Don’t Expect Most Employment Lawyers To Provide A ‘Free Consultation’

Employment law is quite fact specific and the lawyer needs to know all the facts surrounding the case before he or she can represent you. This usually takes time. If they don’t receive payment for this, employment lawyers cannot stay in business.

Conclusion While labor law attorneys provide a valuable service, it is good to have the right expectations for your case. Follow the do’s and don’ts discussed in this article and you will find the right employment law attorney for your needs.  leadership