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There are many types of jobs in business management such as, human resources manager, operations manager, office manager, all the way up to director of operations. Trying to decide which type of job you want to target and which ones pay the most money can become overwhelming if you are not sure of what you really want to do. The good news is that there are many choices and with those choices comes a wide range of average salaries.

Haman Resources Management is one of those jobs management that can take you in almost any direction you want to go in. I can speak from experience since I spent a great many years in human resources and loved every one of them. I know there must be some places out there in big business that do not believe in having a human resources executive, but I haven’t found it yet. The good news is that the national median human resources manager annual pay is $69,300.

Another great career that could provide you with a very good life style and as far as jobs in business management that pays very well is a regional sales manager. Now of course you don’t just step into the position of a regional sales manager, but it should give you some incentive to know that the average median annual salary of this position is $109,000.

Sales can be an all or nothing position though. When you’re good you’re good, and when things begin to go bad you may find yourself on the outside looking in.

Even a job as general manager of a restaurant is considered to be within a category of business management jobs. Before considering this career you must know that it is very demanding. If you don’t like working all types of different schedules and long hours this may not be the job for you. It can be very rewarding but it may be hard on a family, since the time most restaurants make their money is during a time when most families want you at home. Give it careful consideration. The median annual salary of a restaurant general manager is only $58,500.

One of the exciting jobs in business management that again can take you to almost anywhere in the world is a general manager of a hotel. Very similar to the general manager of a restaurant your hours may tax your family life tremendously. However, it can also be a great advantage to your family especially if the hotel you are working for is part of a hotel management group allowing you discounted rates throughout the country or world. The annual median salary for this position is $74,500.

For any of the jobs there are some pluses and minuses and should be carefully considered prior jumping in with both feet. Make sure you enjoy whatever it is you are looking to making a career out of, and don’t just focus in on the salary. No matter what you make sooner or later it won’t be enough. When you get up every morning to go off to work it shouldn’t be a burden. In addition, if you like your job you will be so much better at it.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

The choices available when it comes to jobs in business management are vast!

Careers from Bank Manager to Financial Controller are just a fraction of the choices you will have if this is the career field you will be going into. My advice would be to not focus primarily on the money until you know that the field you select is something that you will enjoy doing for twenty to thirty years into the future.

A career field I have significant experience in is Human Resources. One of the major benefits of human resources is that you get a chance to really learn what others do within the organization you work for, since one of your responsibilities is to recruit. In addition to recruiting you must also have an understanding as to their duties because many times when it comes to discipline you have to sort out right from wrong and help make a decision based on that. $69K is approximately the median salary for the career field.

Sales manager is one of those exciting jobs in business management that can pay huge financial rewards, but will also require dedication and perseverance. The median salary for a regional sales manager is approximately $109K, but bonuses can be added onto this which could make it significantly higher. The down side to sales is that when you’re on top of the world things are great, but on the flip side if things go south on you they may be pushing you out the door.

Something I always wanted to do but never got a chance was Restaurant Manager. When it comes to long hours for jobs in business management this is one of those jobs. The real down side to this career choice is that those long hours are almost always during a time when families are together. So while everyone else is home with their families you are just getting started as you organize the supper rush. As I get older and am able to spend time watching my children at sporting events I am glad I never went into this career choice. As far as median range salaries are concerned this one comes in at $58K

If you're looking for one of those glamorous jobs in business management you may look to Hotel Management. Hotel management takes a variety of talents within the business management field since your selling rooms, selling meeting space, selling food at your restaurant, retail sales at your gift shops, selling drinks at your lounge, and selling meals at your catering events. Additionally, you'll need to get very involved in the local government to make sure you stay on top of events to draw in people to sell rooms to. This will consume every part of you but can be very enjoyable for the right person. For someone looking into this as a career the median salary is $74K.

Whenever you are considering one of the jobs in the business management field money should not be your sole motivation. Most careers span over at least a couple of decades if not more and if you’re not happy doing what you do, it can be a long miserable time. Do something that you enjoy doing and it will be easy to wake up and go to everyday. During one of my career choices I showed up at the doctor's office with a blood pressure reading of approximately 200 over 120 and was immediately told not to go back to work. I was forced into a new career choice that I now love very much.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Finding the best jobs in business management that you’ve been looking for!!!

If you're considering one of the many jobs in business management fortunately you will have a large choice to choose from. Choices from some of the higher paying jobs as an Operations Manager to one of the lowest paying as an Administrative Assistant, you will surely find a career field that matches your experience and interests. If you're in it just for the money you may be financially happy but remember a career expands over several decades.

I have had the personal pleasure of spending several years as a Human Resources Director and it truly was a great experience. The great part of a career in human resources is that your options are wide open all over the world since almost every company has this department within their organization. The variety of duties within human resources ranged from creating employment policies to discipline. I personally enjoyed sorting out the details when it came to disciplinary issues. The national median range salary is currently at $69K

If you're looking for one of the higher paying jobs look toward Sales. Currently the median range salary for a Regional Sales Manager is approximately $109K. Like any business management position it can be very demanding, but especially for a Sales Manager since the company’s success can hinge on their sales team. One day you can be the hero and the next day the villain. But if you manage yourself right you will build a great career in this field.

A Restaurant Manager is another one of the jobs in business management than can be very demanding and hard on a family oriented person. The reason for this is that a restaurant generally makes a majority of their income at the times that most families are together. While everyone else is watching their children at a local sporting event you are coordinating the dinner rush with your staff. Although there are some opportunities that can pay well the median salary for a restaurant manager is only at $58K, so you better enjoy working with food and people if you select this as a career.

A great career if you like people is a Hotel Manager. As far as jobs in business management it ranks a little higher than the average, but it comes with a great deal of stress. The hotel business is exciting but also very demanding. If you are just waiting for people to walk through your doors and book blocks of rooms you are mistaken. It takes a continuing effort to sell rooms, which generally means that you have to get involved with the local government so that you can generate events to drive traffic into your community and to your hotel specifically. $74K is the median salary for this type of job.

There are positives and negatives you must consider in any of the jobs in business management before you decide on any specific one of them. For some of them the world is your market place while others may limit your mobility to certain areas. In either case you must enjoy what you are doing or you will fight to drag yourself out of bed every day to go to work. I used to believe money was the focal point until I walked into the doctor's office with a blood pressure reading of around 200 over 120. The doctor put me off work and I changed careers to one I truly love, and it is still within business management.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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