Improving Personal Communication

Improving personal communication! Your ability to communicate effectively is extremely important to your ability to be a successful leader!

Although there are many different types of communication, establishing trust in what you say and do is the key!

Think about everything you do and it boils down to trust.

How do you decide on what investments you will make? You make them based on either advice from a trusted friend who has a good track record in making good investments or the track record of an investment firm.

Unless we have a lapse in judgment we make all our decisions based on trust.

Improving Personal Communication - Getting to know the interests of your staff

Establishing trust takes time and effort to achieve since it is not automatic, but it must be our goal as leaders.

One way is through getting to know the interests of your staff. While doing this find common ground that you have similar interests in. It might be fishing. It might be movies. It might be any number of things but find it if you can.


Because people tend to trust people that they can associate themselves with. It is easier to associate yourself with someone that you have something in common with.

You can do this with simple non threatening conversations. Try not to get too personal though.

People also trust those that are consistent. Even if it is on things they don't agree with.

Consistency goes beyond the normal boundaries of just what you say. Your actions will speak twice as loud as your words could ever do!

Improving Personal Communication - Do as I say - Not as I do!

Have you ever heard a parent tell their child to "do as I say, not as I do?" Children of alcoholics are more likely to become an alcoholic themselves!

Get the point?

Your staff is watching every thing you do and paying much more attention to that over what you say.

Another example of that would be to talk with someone that is on a diet. Then eat a few meals with them and see if their words match up to their actions.

Honesty is also a big factor when trying to establish trust!

Trust is not the same, although it could be, as consistency. Honesty is providing truth to your staff unless it violates confidentiality or law.

I once told my boss that I would tell the staff anything but a lie!

Keep in mind a lie can also be perceived by not disclosing the entire story. Also known as half truths!

You hear people say that "Well, I really didn't lie."

Improving Personal Communication - Do as I say - Don't play games with your staff!

Well no matter what you think it was interpreted that way, and your staff will lose trust in you.

Don't play games with your staff unless you don't respect them. And if you don't respect them what do you suppose they will think about you?

So if you plan on being a successful leader that communicates effectively to your staff, than you better work on getting them to trust you.

No there is no magic pill! No miracle potion of some kind you can take! It can only be done with your consistent and honest words and actions. No short cuts!

There are many more things you can do to establish trust but I will stick with these for now and present more at a later date on my website.

Thank you for reviewing this article on Improving Personal Communication and May God Bless You!

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