Improving Employee Performance in Today's Workplace

Improving employee performance in today’s workplace better be a top concern of any business person today that wants to survive! Every ounce of productivity is so important. The old saying “We must do more with less” rings so true!

So how in the world do we do it? A better question would be is there a way to do it? I say yes!

If we’re truly looking at improving employee performance we must understand that every job that an employee performs can be broken down into many very small jobs.

As an example let’s say that we are going to travel by car from New York City to Los Angeles. That trip can be broken down into several smaller trips. Each of those trips can be broken down into even smaller trips until we finally arrive at the smallest of small details like when to check the oil or how often we stop to eat and refuel. If we wanted to reduce the amount of time and expense it took to travel from New York to Los Angeles we could take a look at each individual element of our trip and make decisions on how to improve upon them. Maybe we stop at fast food versus a full service restaurant. Maybe we only stop twice for meals instead of three times.

This is exactly how we must examine each employee’s job. Break their job down into as many individual functions as possible so that you can examine where it can be improved upon. If several employees are doing the same job and one does it much more efficiently then see what is different. Don’t just assume they are faster and more efficient because they just are! See why they are faster or more efficient! It may be something so small that makes the biggest difference.

An example of this which would not make sense to those that don’t swim (including me) is the introduction of these skin tight body suits that Olympic swimmers wear today in competition. It covers everything from their head and down. Who would have ever thought that something like wearing a skin tight suit would improve a swimmers speed? Not me! But guess what it does!

Approach this thinking whenever you are considering improving employee performance in today’s workplace! There is always an opportunity to improve. It merely depends on your desire as a leader to do so. If it wasn’t always possible to improve human performance then why do records continually get broken?

Why do cars go further on a gallon of gas? Why do professional athletes always get bigger, stronger, and faster? Why do people continue to invent things that make our lives better and more comfortable?

Don’t underestimate the ability of your employees! If you help them they will amaze you with their ability to do much better that you can ever imagine. But you hold the power to unleash them. Just like a math problem where you must break the problem down to the smallest part, it is the same for every position within your organization. Break it down and put it back piece by piece until you understand what can be improved. That is how you go about improving employee performance in today’s workplace!

Using a free tool like a performance improvement plan form can then take you to the next level of excellence. I have always believed and lived by the KISS system (Keep It Simple Silly). Any system that can be repeated easily will be repeated. The more complicated you make something the better the chances of it not be duplicated. Everything from a housekeeper making a bed to a doctor performing an open heart surgery has steps involved. We can interject a whole bunch of unnecessary steps that can make the process look really cool, but the end result is that we have complicated it and run the risk of screwing up the process. I wouldn’t want to be the open heart surgery patient that has a doctor trying to use a very complicated method. I want the doctor doing only what is necessary and nothing else!

Thank you and may God bless you!

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