Employee Surveys can Help with Retention Which Can Save You Thousands!

If conducted properly employee surveys can reveal all kinds of great information that will help with retention and satisfaction. Over the years I have been involved with various types of surveys, but the key factor in all of them is for the employee to remain anonymous. If they think that they can be traced back to the survey they complete you will not get the type of information that will move your organization forward.

As we all know having high employee retention numbers is a key factor in saving labor dollars. Training costs organizations thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Conducting good informative employee surveys can help reveal problems before they end in turnover. Problems such as a supervisor that while in the presence of senior leadership does one thing, but another when they are not there! Rarely does an employee leave because of the rate of pay; however, a bad supervisor can have people running out the door no matter what you pay them.

Often times as managers we think we know it all!

Another factor that employee surveys can reveal is the lack or the right tools or equipment to do their jobs properly. Often times as managers we think we know it all, but the fact is that it may have been some time since we worked in the trenches, so to speak! Tapping into the knowledge of your staff through an employee survey can only return great information. Again, the supervisor in an effort to meet their budget may be telling their employees that no money is available for newer equipment, when the truth is that they are looking to receive a bonus.

The factor of remaining anonymous like I mentioned before is critical to your success. If a department is too small it will be necessary to include them in a larger group. Of course they must be somewhat the same in order to be able to use the information. Remember that employees are going to be very cautious about employee surveys and will always suspect that management is tracking them somehow. If you are not able to convenience them that they will remain anonymous, hire a company to run the survey for you.

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You may not think they want to know but!

Another mistake that many organizations do after conducting employee surveys is that they never give the feedback to the employees. You may not think they want to know but you would be dead wrong. If you do not give them the feedback and work toward resolving the issues they brought forward you would be wasting your time and money to ever conduct another survey in the future.

Remember that pay is rarely the reason anyone leaves a company. After all they agreed to the money prior to taking the job. I would not recommend that piece to be on any employee surveys that you conduct. I would focus primarily on how they feel about the company, supervisor, support from senior leadership, work environment, safety, do they feel like management cares, do they have the tools they need to do their job, etc. There are many great companies that will conduct the surveys for you and it may be worth the money to let them.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Keeping the best people!

Employee surveys can be an important way to know what is going on in your work force. Here are some reasons to consider.

Keeping the best people

Some of your best people might not be happy on the job. They might not express that openly. By conducting a survey, you may be able to solve problems before they get too big. In this way, you may keep your most productive workers.

Let them know that you care

You work force may feel unappreciated. They may think ill of management. You might not be aware for this fact. This is a good way to let them know that you care. People always work better under a spirit of approval.

Find out what is causing stress

There may be things that you can do to alleviate stress!

You may not be aware of some issues with employees. There may be things that you can do to alleviate stress among the workers. However, you will not know what action to take, unless you ask them.

Help with business

Who knows more about your business than the people working it? You can get many helpful suggestions from employees. This can mean increased productivity. It may mean increased profit. You may be able to improve health and safety issues. This may help to solve many current problems. It can make the difference, in a harsh economic situation.

The future

You just might be able to identify problems before they occur. The right survey may help you to spot trends.


A good survey lets the workers remain anonymous!

A good survey lets the workers remain anonymous. You can get honest and straightforward views this way. People tend to be more honest, if they know there will not be retribution. Summary Employee surveys may make a difference between good times and bad. You might not know what your employees think, or experience firsthand. This can give you some insight.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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