Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are a critical piece to employee retention and morale.

Not to mention a good leadership skill to have!


Because employees care! Yes they care a lot more than you think about knowing exactly how you feel they are doing! They want feedback!

No, just going around and patting them on their back and telling them they are doing great is not enough!

To be the most effective it should be in written format following guidelines that you have established.

Now keep in mind that even this won't be effective if no thought is put into it, or if everyone is rated exactly the same. Again, stay away from you are doing a great job! Give them some substance.

Don't just tell them they are doing a great job!

The most effective employee performance reviews, sometime referred to as performance evaluations, are those that have specific ratings based on performance. This has to be established prior to the rating period though, and should not be tampered with mid stream. You should also completely inform them of the system and how they can achieve the ratings.

The criteria should be objective and not subjective measurements. This is what will get a lot of leaders in trouble. Doesn't matter what reality is, it is what the employee thinks is reality that matters sometimes. So use specific criteria that can be measured. Otherwise you will fall into the trap of them thinking that you gave good ratings to those you like and poor ones to the ones you didn't.

A five tier system has worked well for me throughout the years. A five tier system generally starts with outstanding and ends with unsatisfactory. In between could be excellent or above average, average, and below average.

Avoid a Pass or Fail System!

Try to avoid a pass or fail system. The only employees that like this type of system are those that are mediocre.

If you want to increase morale and retention develop a good performance review process. Maybe attach incentives for receiving an outstanding rating.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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