Employee Motivation Techniques?

Using employee motivation techniques to increase productivity is just smart business. But what are they and how do I apply them to my specific business? I hope to provide you with some motivational techniques that can be used in any type of business within this article.

Let’s start with the basic premise that although employees always like money it is not the number one reason people are motivated to participate or stay at a job. The number one reason that people stay at a position is that they want to feel appreciated.

It is natural for everyone to want to be appreciated whether at their job, their marriage, or their friends; therefore, we will explore ways to capitalize on this fact. Also, please understand that all items that are discussed in this article should not be considered to be some type of gimmick. I have a very strong conviction whereby I believe that my staff members are the number one reason I am in the position I am in. My staff members mean the world to me and the employee motivation techniques that are discussed are heartfelt and should be utilized in that manner. You can’t fake it until you make it!

First on my list is to find ways to personally recognize the small things that people do every day that add value to the business. It might be as simple as answering a telephone when the receptionist is busy or bending over and picking up a piece of debris on the floor in a customer area. It is always good to remember that the little things make the big things happen.

So how might you recognize these little things?

The best advice I can give here is to change it up continually. Never be predictable. For instance one day you may send an email. The next time maybe a small thank you card saying that you noticed. Perhaps another time stop and thank them personally. It might be a small gift card to a local department store. Understand it is more about noticing what they did than the gift itself. Whatever you do make sure you follow the KISS system. Keep It Simple Silly!

One thing I like to do during any training class is set aside some time for something fun. Be creative! As an example you may do any of the following which is a great employee motivation technique; using rolls of toilet paper let them try shooting baskets while you are talking, have wheel chair races blind folding the person pushing while the person riding must give directions, put people together in teams and have them solve a riddle of some type, or any other activity that will allow people to laugh at themselves.

Another one of the best employee motivation techniques is when someone does something that is extraordinary produce an employee appreciation letter signed by the highest level person in your business. The letter shouldn’t be short and sweet but truly point out the value of the employee to the business. It should be on letter head and if possible something that is worthy of being framed and hung on a wall. Something that can be shown off to their family.

If you treat your staff as I mentioned earlier with respect and recognize that they are the number one reason for your existence then that by itself is motivating to your staff.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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