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I hope that this information and examples on an employee manual sample will be helpful. Before going any further I want to reinforce that having an employee manual, or also known as an employee handbook, is an extremely important tool to your business. This tool is so valuable that if produced correctly it should be saving your business thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. How much would it save your business if a well produced employee handbook helped you avoid an unemployment claim? From my personal experience I know that I have won countless unemployment claims as a direct result of having and following our employee handbook.

So let's give an employee manual sample of just one type of policy. Understand that this is just a sample and may not reflect your state law. It is extremely important that you verify and follow your state law. Utilizing employee policy manual software that provides employment attorney prepared templates is a great method to produce an employee manual. The following information is not intended to be followed exactly, in that it is only an example to get you to start thinking about what you really need.


Attendance is an extremely vital part of ensuring that our business remains competitive. Therefore, our attendance policy reflects an acceptable amount of unscheduled absences, versus scheduled absences.

First let's define what exactly is an unscheduled absence is. An unscheduled absence is anytime an employee is not able to report to work without receiving authorization first, as an example, if you are unable to report to work on a day that you are scheduled to work and you have called in advance to notify your supervisor prior to your start time, would be considered an unscheduled absence.

When employee acquires more than three unscheduled absent periods in a twelve month rolling calendar period their attendance will be reviewed carefully. An absent period is any consecutive period of time an employee is out for the same reason. As an example, if an employee was absent five consecutive days as a result of the seasonal flu this would be considered one absent period.

On the fourth and all subsequent absent periods the employee will become subject to our progressive discipline policy, up to and including possible termination.

Exceptions to this policy would be for provisions provided by state and federal law, such as, the Family Medical Leave Act. NOTE: This would be just the beginning of the policy. Much more would have to be included, on such things as the proper way to request time off, etc.

As you can see from this employee manual sample on an Attendance Policy it’s important that you outline exactly what your business decides is acceptable attendance, and what will happen if they violate the policy.

In this example if an employee has more than three absent periods they become subject to your progressive discipline policy. In addition, for each absent period thereafter, they will continue to be subject to progressive discipline, up to and including termination.

With a policy like this if you are faced with terminating the employee for excessive absenteeism and you followed your own policy equally with all employees you should be safe in terminating the employee.

However, as mentioned prior it is critical that you create this policy in accordance with all state and federal laws, such as the Family Medical Leave Act.

I have used our employee manual multiple times in an unemployment hearing to clarify why an employee was terminated for cause. In all cases that I went before an unemployment hearing on, I was always successful in winning.

Just to clarify again when it comes to an employee manual sample, I would strongly suggest that you utilize an employee policy manual software created by employment attorneys. Many of them are very inexpensive and offer so many additional features that it makes no sense to utilize them.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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