Employee Handbook Small Business  Background Checks Policy

Making sure you have solid Employee Policies has been our focus for creating an “Employee Handbook Small Business” section. Below we have provided a Background Checks Policy for your employee policy manual.

We have imbedded “Insert Your Business Name Here” every you should place your organizations name. This allows you to personalize this policy to your business. Feel free to change or modify any portion of this policy to meet your own needs for your own employee policy handbook.

Employee Handbook Small Business

Background Checks Policy

To ensure that all applicants who intend to join "Insert Your Business Name Here" are well qualified and also to ensure that "Insert Your Business Name Here" maintains a safe and productive work environment, it is our standard policy to conduct pre-employment background checks on all applicants who accept an offer of employment. Background checks may include verification of any information on the applicant's resume or application form or any other information that the company may deem necessary.

All applicants and new employees are also hereby informed though this manual that all offers of employment are conditional on the receipt of a 'background check report' that is deemed to be acceptable to "Insert Your Business Name Here". The company ensures that all background checks are conducted in absolute conformity with the following laws:

★     Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act*

★     Americans with Disabilities Act*

★     All state and federal privacy and antidiscrimination laws, where applicable.

Moreover all reports of such background checks are kept highly confidential and are only seen and reviewed by individuals involved in the hiring process.

If there is any information obtained in a background check that would prove detrimental to the hiring process of that particular applicant and would potentially lead to "Insert Your Business Name Here" effectively denying employment to the candidate, a copy of the report, along with all the reasons as to why his application was rejected, will be provided to the applicant, and furthermore they would also be given the opportunity to dispute the report's accuracy with management. Background checks are liable to include a through criminal record check, although prior criminal conviction does not automatically bar an applicant from employment. However, if such information has been deliberately kept hidden during the initial screening and interview stage, it is unlikely the company would be interested in hiring such a candidate.

Additional checks such as the candidate's driving record, that might include traffic violations they may have committed along with accidents they may have been involved in, infractions of traffic rules, etc. In addition, credit history of some candidates may also be made for applicants for particular job categories.

"Insert Your Business Name Here" also reserves the right to conduct a background check for any and all of its current employees, irrespective of position and seniority. Furthermore such background checks may also be used to determine eligibility for promotion and or transfers. Both candidates as well as the employees currently working with "Insert Your Business Name Here" may be subjected to background checks as and when required if the company deems it appropriate to do so. Prior to conducting a background check on any employee, future or current, the individual will sign a form acknowledging they give their permission to have the background check conducted. Anyone refusing to sign the form may be subject to not being hired or for existing employee's dismissal.

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