Effects of Schizophrenia in Our Home

The effects of schizophrenia on a family are far reaching when that family member is unable to live on their own!

Many have told us that we should force our son, who is twenty four, to live in a group home. My simple answer to that is that when we signed up to be his parents there were no guarantees that things would be perfect. Trust me they are not! That does not change the fact that we love him very much even if at times he can make our lives miserable.

Yes even what most people would consider a normal conversation can take a quick turn because of the effect of schizophrenia.

Just yesterday I was speaking with my son when he told me that our single car garage is actually two. He went on to say that he is the only one that seems to be able to tell it’s two.

During a conversation some time ago we were standing in his room when he suddenly screamed at me to stop walking. I stopped and asked him to explain why. He went on to tell me that I was about to step into a deep hole in his floor. Of course there wasn’t but he was sure there was.

He has called the police and spent several days in the mental health locked unit because he reported one of the characters in his mind is plotting to kill him.

These are all real events to him and yes they are very frustrating to us. The frustration comes from the idea that he is burdened with this horrible illness that he did nothing to get, and the way the public sees this type of mental health issue.

We look at someone that lost a limb and feel sorry for them. We look at someone who is demonstrating the effects of schizophrenia and we are terrified of them.

Because everything that my son has experienced is real to him he doesn’t feel he has a problem. That complicates the whole situation even more. For the longest time we had trouble getting him to take his medications. Fortunately this is no longer an issue.

Put yourself in his shoes for just a moment and consider if you thought you heard something in your house and called the police you would expect the police to help you. In most cases they would help even if it turned out that no one was there. But what if they didn’t believe you and in fact they believed there was something wrong with you and placed you into a locked mental health facility to be evaluated against your will.

This is exactly what they did to my son because of the effects of schizophrenia. Trust me I understand why they did and actually agree it was the right thing to do. That doesn’t change the fact that my son felt it was extremely unfair because to him it is real.

For a long time he went through a stage where everything, including himself, was an illusion. Nothing was real. Everything was being controlled by a power and we had to continually fight off that power. Again, fortunately that phase has passed at least for now.

Yes the effects of schizophrenia are very real in the life of not only the person struck with the illness but the entire family.

May God Bless You!

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