The Early Signs of Schizophrenia From A Father's Perspective!

As I look back in time the early signs of schizophrenia in our son were his erratic behaviors that developed slowly but intensified over a period of about six months.

The first one signs that stood out to me the most was that he continually shook his right arm as if he was trying to shake something off his forearm. In the beginning when we would question him he would pass it off as nothing. It was as if he really didn’t know that he was doing it.

After this the next sign was that he would giggle almost to himself but loud enough for us to hear him. It was so often that it was definitely noticeable. Again when we questioned him he would almost deny that he was doing it.

The final one of his early signs of schizophrenia was his continuous pacing. When you combined all three of these together it was very easy to the trained eye as to what was going on. The only problem was that we had no clue. The only thing that we knew was it was not right. In fact we attributed it to an earlier diagnosis he had of bipolar disorder, ADHD, ODD, and OCD.

As time went on he also began mumbling to himself followed by the giggling that I mentioned earlier. Looking back his early signs of schizophrenia were so obvious. However, it wouldn’t be until he attacked us and the Police took him to the inpatient mental health facility and placed him on a seventy-two hour hold that we would find out that he had schizophrenia disorder.

Yes, he attacked us! He actually struck his mother in the face trying to strike me. She was trying to get in between us when he swung and hit her. My younger son came out of his room and jumped on his back. Unfortunately, my son with schizophrenia threw him to the floor and just before he struck his brother I grabbed him and held him down until the police arrived. It took everything within my power to hold him without hurting him.

Trust me when I tell you that after he had struck his mother I wanted to clean his clock but down deep I knew that he had something wrong with him. Unfortunately without medication the schizophrenia was allowed to completely control him.

Life in no way is perfect now with him living with us as a twenty-four year old adult, but compared to his early signs of schizophrenia disorder we know what we are dealing with and are equipped to handle it, sort of!

For anyone else out there that has a family member showing the early signs of schizophrenia get them help immediately so that they can begin to control it.

Thank you and may God bless you!

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