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When doing business such as e-mail marketing with other nations around the world there may be barriers which includes language. For most companies it may be a case of attempting to grow their market share, or increase sales. For others it could be a case of expanding into a different region. Whatever the case may be, it is essential that when conducting business abroad it is done professionally and accurately, specifically in regard to translation services.

Any Business that is performing e-mail marketing to an international market must make certain their messages aren't just translated accurately but have also taken into consideration cultural and political issues. Unfortunately it can be difficult for a company to absolutely represent culturally diverse ideas in e-mail marketing strategies.

What about domestically?

It is a very small window of opportunity to catch the attention of someone with e-mail marketing. Most people will scroll through their e-mails and can tell in a short time if anything is out of place or doesn't quite feel right. It will be instantly deleted together with several others probably.

What is a widespread expression in one country may be unknown or inappropriate in another. Put aside international borders and language for a second. What about domestically? Will a born and bred Londoner use the same English as people from Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool? Certainly these people share the language but the way they will use it is distinct. The same can be said with the French language. A Parisian will speak French a little bit differently to people from Nice.

In a recent article by Today Translations titled “Translation is more about culture than language“ which refers to English to Arabic translation, and shows that culture changes language and is also the driving force powering its evolution. It also shows that the real key to successful translation is actually the ability to get your message across clearly. It is not about a literal translation, it is actually much more about cultural translation and knowledge.

For email marketers, it is not adequate to translate your email. Clearly it is advisable to offer a properly translated landing page and website for visitors to click through to. Along with this any support materials, which include white papers, need to be professionally translated and localized.

It also suggested against using casual terms including “hi”, that could upset many overseas readers and may show a lack of professionalism depending on the message being sent.

Through the use of experienced translators and typesetters who are capable of presenting aesthetic documents on both paper and electronic format, and also making sure that the material will follow the particular norms of your target countries or regions is really a remarkable competitive advantage.

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