Drug Testing Employees

Are the costs of workplace injuries and absenteeism driving up your business expenses? If you answered yes then drug testing employees prior to hiring them may be your best defense.

It is harder and harder to implement a drug testing policy after an applicant becomes an employee; therefore, the answer may lie in testing all potential applicants as part of your screening process. In many cases this will be self policing since most individuals that are knowingly taking drugs will not follow through with the application process.

However, there will always be some that believe they can beat the system.

There is no question that the cost of Workers Compensation claims is a major factor in the reasons to screen out anyone taking drugs. Some studies have shown as much as sixty-five percent of all accidents in the workplace are a result of someone having used drugs and/or alcohol.

Will drug testing employees during the screening process eliminate any chance of someone abusing them after they are hired? Of course not, but the odds are more in your favor if you do.

Other reasons to test are to help in the reduction of absenteeism or theft!

There is no question that absenteeism is a huge problem and expense for any business today. It destroys moral! It kills productivity! It increases gossip! It leads to false EEOC claims! These are just a few of the reasons drug testing employees could be the first step in taking back control of your workplace. Since all states are a bit different I will not address testing after an employee is officially a member of your business.

However, after you check your state to see if testing applicants is legal I would highly suggest that you not only test all potential job applicants but you also conduct a background check. In some cases an applicant may be temporarily clean but a background check may reveal they have been arrested a number of times for possession of an illegal substance, or driving while intoxicated. Why take the risk if you have other applicants to choose from. I am not saying that people can’t change but why risk it if you don’t have too?

The expense for conducting both a drug test and/or a background check can seem expensive but the alternative is much more costly. In most cases it will be felt indirectly through theft, decrease in productivity, work related accidents, damaged equipment or property, false employment claims, etc.

There are no guarantees in life but we can reduce the risk if we operate smart.

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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