The Different Types Of Schizophrenia Does It Really Matter

Are there different types of schizophrenia? As a father of a son with the crippling disease I don’t really care! What I do know is that he has it and it as stolen his entire life so far!

Like most diseases it doesn’t care who you are it just consumes whoever is in its way!

Not long ago we watched a very good friend go from perfectly healthy to death within a very short period of time because of cancer. The cancer within her body was only interested in one thing and that was to destroy her.

So no matter what the different types of schizophrenia are they have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to destroy a life and all those around them!

Our son took on the disease between his eighth and nineteenth birthday. He is now twenty four and it is hard to remember a time when he didn’t have it.

He has lived on his own and that was a complete disaster. Although we had hopes that he would be able to live somewhat of a normal life it just will not be the case.

He wants in the worst way to be normal. He wants to be accepted! He wants people to see him as if there was nothing wrong!

I can’t imagine what he must be going through!

He has continuous conversations with voices that we do not hear! Real conversations! If you could record yourself sitting with three or four other people talking and having a good time then through an editing process remove all the others except yourself and play it back. This is the type of conversations I am talking about that he has on a daily basis. In his mind they are real!

Yes he is on a ton of medication! And yes they do help but you can only tell that they are helping if you have seen him when he is not taking them! It is like day and night!

Again, I know for a fact that the mental health professionals have listed the different types of schizophrenia but I simply don’t care what you call it anymore!

If you have cancer you have cancer! Does it really matter?

I know there are others out there suffering with a variety of other diseases whether physical or mental. However, I can only speak as a loving father who would love to see his son cured!

Thank you and may God bless you!

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