Let’s Define Time Management To Get The Most From It

The best advice I can give you is to develop very detailed but simple routines for every repetitive task you or your employees. Every job out there has tasks within them that can be made into a routine. Creating routines dramatically save time because you figure out ways to eliminate steps you don’t need and increase the speed of the ones that do need to be performed. Keep those routines as simple as possible so that they can and will be repeated. Use the KISS system, Keep It Simple Silly!

So if we define time management it starts with eliminating steps or increasing the speed of routine tasks so that you use that time more effectively. Remember once time is spent it is gone. Many people have begun exercise programs with very good intentions of continuing them until they reach their goals. They go out and buy a tread mill, new workout clothes, and tell all their friends on Facebook. Within a very short time quit their well intended exercise program and tell everyone they just didn’t have enough time. That same person then spends that time on Facebook telling everyone they don’t have time to work-out! Go figure!

Another way to define time management is decide what your real priorities are. In the above example of starting and stopping an exercise program boils down to how important is the exercise program. It might be really important to me but not so much to you. Does that mean I use my time more effectively? Not necessarily! It just means I place more value on it than you. Maybe you place more value on connecting with friends on Facebook; therefore, you are spending your time in a way that means more to you. Both are right.

When it comes to business however, there are many outside and inside influences that dictate how we spend our time. This is where the routine concept I mentioned above plays a big part. Depending on your position it could mean something as simple as scheduling when you will check and/or answer emails. It could mean something as simple as making sure when you travel somewhere you accomplish every task you need to perform at the location you are traveling to. Federal Express and UPS are experts at this! They plan all trips for their drivers in a way to get the absolute most value out of the time spent. Why do they plan out these trips? Because it saves labor dollars! Their drivers work hard and get paid well for it.

So to define time management in a nut shell it simply means taking advantage of every second to bring the most value to your life, business, family member, etc. However, just like money time sometimes includes just doing nothing. That is called relaxation and it is well worth the time!

Thank you and May God bless you!

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