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If you are looking to prepare a carpet cleaning business plan and are looking for information to consider before doing so I know this will help. Why? Because not only have I ran my own carpet cleaning service and was successful, I have been in the world of carpet cleaning for many years. In most cases people think they can just buy a machine and get started, but I would caution those that think that way.

Unless you know about carpet cleaning already, and I mean really know, then you better line up some training. Let's get back to the question, do you know about carpet cleaning. Don't tell me that you have rented one of those supermarket carpet cleaning machines and that is where you have gotten all your experience from. If you plan on getting nothing but new customers then this is the way to go. However, if you plan on having repeat business, which is the bread and butter of this business, you better get some training. Build the training aspect right into your carpet cleaning business plan.

Some companies that will offer extensive training…

Speaking of training there are some companies that will offer extensive training if you purchase their equipment. Be careful though that you don't over pay for the equipment, and that it is what you really need. Do your research about all the different ways to clean a carpet. Just to mention a few there is bonnet cleaning, extraction, shampooing, etc. Within each of these categories there are various ways to go about it. Some of those ways are better than others. Build this right into your carpet cleaning business plan.

Also, you may want to give serious consideration to using a small business planning software like Business Plan Pro to assist you in building your carpet cleaning business plan. I say this because one of the most critical pieces of your plan will be how do you intend to market yourself. Are you going to go after private homes, small businesses, health care, schools, etc. To be the most successful, at least in my opinion, you need to target situations where you will be coming back on a regular scheduled basis. As an example I had a contract where I did their carpets every six months.

What is going to set you apart from them?

The United States Census Bureau is a good source of how many other businesses like yours are in your geographical area. This is important information! Your carpet cleaning business plan should address your competition. What is going to set you apart from them? Don't come back with the standard answer that you are much better. We all think were better. No what will really set you apart from them. Will it be your customer service? Will it be your flexibility? Will it be your professionalism? Will it be the type of specific service(s) you provide? Take this question very seriously. Your customer can choose anyone, and you need to give them a reason to choose you!

Although there are many more pieces that you need for your carpet cleaning business plan you need to think about sales and cash flow. If you have payments to make on anything from the equipment to supplies, you need cash to make that happen. Therefore, if you plan on targeting businesses they like to work in terms of thirty days or more before something is due. That of course is called accounts receivable, but accounts receivables do not pay the bills. So think about everything before jumping in with both feet!

May God Bless You and Good Luck!

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