Career Manager

Being a Career Manager is a lot of responsibility since you are guiding individuals into career paths that many will stay in for a long time to come. That means you are helping decide their fate in a way that impacts their level of success and income. In fact, making the wrong judgment call could actually ruin someone’s life entirely! Now is that pressure or what. If you are a Career Manager you need to take your job very seriously!

Depending on where you enter your clients life you need to consider a number of things in determining what career path that individual may take. When I say client, it could be someone that has hired you to help them, or you could be a guidance counselor at a school. In either case the outcome should be the same. Just the starting points are different. The point is that no matter if you are being paid directly by the client or indirectly through another source, your motivation should be to help them as much as you can.

The first step as a Career Manager should be to assess where your client is at the present time. It’s one thing for someone to want to go into a certain profession, but maybe their skills and personality don’t match up with that at all. So take a close look at their past and not just their educational accomplishments. They do tell quite a bit about someone, but ultimately it may not give you the total picture. A persons motivation to do something means much more than you think even if they are not currently demonstrating a talent in it today.

As a quick example I had no idea that I would end up in the Marine Corps at seventeen years old and graduate at the top of my class, until maybe a month before I left for Boot Camp. My motivation to enter the Marine Corps was based on my Father’s statement! Now if you would have taken a look at me and someone said I would not only make it through Boot Camp, but graduate at the top of my platoon earning a stripe you would have laughed. I was skinny and not strong at all. However, one thing I couldn’t hold back on was proving something to my Father.

When my Father told me “Hell you won’t even make it through Boot Camp”, I knew at that very moment I would be going into the Marine Corps and proving my Father wrong. Originally I had every intention of going into the Air Force like my Father. I had taken the test and was all set to go. In fact I was waiting for the Air Force Recruiter when a Marine Corps Recruiter grabbed me and pulled me into his office. I figured that I had nothing to lose since I was waiting anyway for the Air Force Recruiter. In fact I don’t remember anything the Marine Corps Recruiter even said.

When I got home that night I mentioned to my Father jokingly that I spoke to a Marine Corps Recruiter that day and I would be going into the Marine Corps. That is when his words changed the course of my life for the good. That is when he said the words, “Hell you won’t even make it through Boot Camp!” Famous last words since I did in fact make it through Boot Camp and graduated at the top of my class!

The point is as a Career Manager you need to choose your words carefully while at the same time offering the right motivation depending on the persons background and skills. Research what sports that they played in. What positions will tell a lot about a person whether they are a leader or a follower! What hobbies do they have? What are their grades from the time they enter school in Kindergarten. Did they stay about the same or at some point did they go way up or way down?

As a Career Manager look at everything the client has done before making any decisions as far as advice. Yes it is important to ask them what they want, and ultimately that is their motivation. But dig into why they want this! In fact make them convince you that this is what they want to do! Throw up road blocks and make them tear them down! You will find out real quick if they are really motivated to do this or not!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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