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Why do we continually fight ourselves on getting some type of good career management training!

Why do we continually fight ourselves on getting some type of good management training? We know we need it yet we blow it off!

Managers are being squeezed more and more everyday to do more with less! For the successful manager and organization you find that they invest in some type of leadership or management training for them!

If they don't, well then you get what you get. The old saying that you get out of it what you put into it rings true!

It is a fact that highly effective managers are more productive, enjoy less stress and are more successful in their careers. They are more successful and stress free because they have invested time and resources into some type of career management training.

I wished I had the time to attend training!

Just some of the issues facing you everyday are employee conflicts, coaching your employees, constant changes, trying to build solid productive teams, conducting meaningful performance reviews, setting realistic goals, and so on.

I went to a great management class once and when I returned I was so excited that I was telling a fellow co-worker about it. The response I received was amazing. They turned to me and said I wished I had the time to attend training! I am so far behind trying to meet my goals I don't have time to hardly take lunch!

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Well the truth was that they were way behind and they were struggling to keep their head above water. The training I went to was on setting realistic goals. It helped me tremendously in so many ways and would have helped them!

I already know everything!

It was but about a year later that this manager that I mentioned earlier was let go for not being able to handle the work load. They just were not equipped to handle the tough issues facing all of us today.

They needed the training I attended and a lot more. It wasn't that they were not smart, because they were. They just didn't take the time to learn new and productive ways to deal with all the aspects of leadership and management facing us all today.

Sometimes we think we know everything as a manager and don't need help. Then a difficult issues rears its ugly head and then there it is, we are faced with a very difficult issue brand new to us with no mental tools to deal with it. Sometimes we lose a good employee because of it. Or maybe we end up with an employee law suit.

Through my career I have taken every opportunity to attend any related training, to read books and magazines, and watch training videos. Yes some of them were close to a waste of time; however, most were not. For the most part I was able to get something, even if it was just one thing from almost all of them.

It is amazing how down the road I was able to take that little something and put it to use.

Take the time and invest yourself into learning new things, even if you already know everything!

What is a Career Management Center and how can it help you achieve your goals?

Excellent questions! Too many times we are searching for something we have no idea of what it even is and this could be the case here! Before we run off quickly trying to find the perfect piece of our Career Management Plan let's discover what it is we're looking for in the first place.

A Career Management Center is an organization that provides a service for the candidate and the employer. A good Career Center will be looking out for the interests of both. Almost like a good Dating Company trying to find the best match for both parties this would be a Management Centers goal. They are not trying to put a square peg in a round hole. If the peg doesn't fit then move on to where it does fit!

So the first mission of the career Management Center is to provide a great screening system that allows for enough information to be put in so that it will find the best match for the other party. This could mean either the hiring organization or the potential candidate looking for a position. Most searches are just looking at education and/or professional background and then trying to find a match. I would challenge you that a good System would also include personalities.

I can hear you saying what does personality have to do with anything? I would respond that it has everything to do with it! Most companies have a personality whether they know it or not. Take Marriott as an example. There personality is to be a servant! If you have ever stayed in a Marriott Hotel you know exactly what I mean. Their employees want to serve you in every way possible to make your stay with them perfect! I love Marriott! Having said that if the candidate's personality does not match up with Marriott's no one is going to be happy!

A Career Management Center should be able to separate out the wheat from the chaff! The other issue that must be accounted for is life experiences. Many times we put all our marbles into the basket that says a person with a college degree is always more qualified than the one that doesn't have it! I would agree that odds are in the favor of making the above statement true, but not in all cases. Just like personality, life experiences are very important to the learning and skill level of individuals. As an example I was promoted to Assistant Manager of a Fast Food Restaurant at the age of sixteen. It wasn't because I got lucky I was because during my breaks and off time I volunteered to learn all the positions. My original intent was to learn only; however, it paid huge dividends.

The best advice I can give you relating to a Career Management Plan or selecting a Career Management Center is to know what you like to do! Understand what lights up your life! A Career is for a very long time and if you are not happy doing it, your life will be miserable no matter what the salary is. Don't chase the almighty dollar which in reality is nothing more than a means to provide you with survival.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Sometimes it will be to your advantage to seek the help of a company that provides Career Management Services to assist you in your career path!

However, I would caution you not to rush into it unless you have both eyes open and are seeing real clearly what you want. Too many times you set your goal on just finding employment or a salary figure that raises everyone's eye brows and a few years down the line you're unhappy and stuck in a position that just doesn't match your real skills.

A good Career Management Services company is going to take your educational and professional skills and help you determine what the best career path is for you. They may do this in a number of ways but ultimately their goal should be to determine the best fit for you based on your qualifications I

Some of the questions they may need to find out from you are your short term, intermediate term, and long term goals. This should be taken very seriously. This to some degree is a wish list but the difference must be that it is realistic. For instance if one of your short term goals was to be President of the United States, please scratch it off the list. The Career Management Services Company must be honest enough to help you see that it is not possible.

So for short term goals there should not only be the goal listed but the path on how to achieve this goal. It could be any form of education or professional training. It may be something else entirely. But what should be clear is that it is achievable and realistic to you. In addition, to the actual requirements to achieving the short term goal(s) make sure it list a detailed path and not a hypothetical path. For instance start with step one and progress almost like you would follow a receipt card to make and bake cookies.

Your intermediate and long term goals will be less in stone and most likely have to be adjusted as things change in your life. Trust me there are many things that can force you to adjust your goals. Just to name one it could be that you get married!

Once all your skills and accomplishments are laid out the Career Management Services Company should then be able to begin providing a career path for you. They should also be able to put together a resume and cover letter designed to fit your very specific career path and potential employer. The good Companies should also be able to identify organizations that would be a great fit for you.

Now what should come out of the Career Management Company is a career path best for you and how to get there, if you are not ready today. In most cases you will not be ready for your long range goals, but should be well on your way to achieving your short term ones.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

For larger organizations having a Career Management System in place is very helpful to account for attrition!

Finding qualified individuals is an ongoing challenge for almost all organizations. Therefore, building a system that will carve out potential career paths for their staff is a wise and cost saving measure that will pay huge dividends in the future.

Many organizations may also refer to a Career Management System as Succession Planning but I would not put them in the same category. A Management System is more of a system that will help make those decision for your organization versus top management officials making the choices. One could argue the advantages of both, but for the purposes of this article we will focus in on a Career Management System.

Although a good system could be either manually tracked or computerized, I would recommend going with a computerized Career Management automated system.

Although a good system could be either manually tracked or computerized, I would recommend going with a computerized Management automated system. You may involve an outside company to help with this process or design one yourself. Of course designing your own system may be overwhelming, but again could pay great dividends if you are able to accomplish this.

Things that would go into your Management System as far as information would be the background educational and professional experiences of your eligible staff. In addition, you will want to input all in house and off site training events for those same staff members. From there you can go just about where ever you want to as far as inputting information that will help guide you and your staff to the career paths that fit right into your company's future.

The System will match up the individual's accomplishment with the requirements of the positions...

This additional information will be things like what positions they have held within your organization successfully. It may be any special projects that they have worked on. It may be the employee's short term and long term goals. It may be any special assignments that they have accomplished. The amount of information is endless. The more complex the Career Management System is the more precise the career path will be for your staff. That could work to your advantage or against it.

The System will match up the individual's accomplishment with the requirements of the positions within your organization whether they are currently available or not. Another huge advantage is that your Management System is a recruitment tool for attracting outside candidates as well. Especially for those who right out of school. If your organization does not currently have a Management System it may be something you want to look into.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Not having a career management plan would achieve the same results of trying to start up a brand new business without a well thought out business plan!

Not having a career management plan would achieve the same results of trying to start up a brand new business without a well thought out business plan. The result will be that you will get what you get and that is generally failure.

Would you start off on a long trip across the country without a road map, GPS, or any other system that will give you the proper directions? I’m guessing not!

Why not?

Eventually you will make it, right?

It will take you longer, cost you more money, frustrate...

Yes you will probably make it but I can almost guarantee that it will take you longer, cost you more money, frustrate you and anyone else with you, and create more wear and tear on you and your car than if you just planned out the trip properly in the first place.

Then why do we do this with our very own lives?

We start off early in our lives having a dream to become something. That dream can be almost anything when were young. Each year that goes by without putting an action plan together the more that very dream becomes harder and harder to accomplish.

The four years will pass quickly and I will not be prepared at all to make that trip actually happen...

To build on the example above to travel across the country let’s say that my dream is to travel from California to New York City four years from today. I don’t do anything other than continue to want to make that trip happen in four years. I don’t save any money. I don’t look at any maps. I don’t figure out how many days it should take. I don’t consider what time of year would make it easier to travel. I don’t consider how much hotels will cost. I think you get the point. The four years will pass quickly and I will not be prepared at all to make that trip actually happen.

A career management plan is no different!

If I am thirty years old and want to become a lawyer, an engineer, an accountant, what do I need to do to make that happen?

The first action is to understand where you are right now

It starts with the desire to become that.

That desire needs to grow legs and turn into action.

The first action is to understand where you are right now. That means you need to assess what your current level of education is.

The second action is to understand what it will take to become a lawyer, an accountant, or an engineer.

The third action is to count the cost of going from where you are to where you want to be. That will include the cost of money, time, resources, relationships, etc. Once you weigh those costs then and only then can you make an informed decision if your career management plan is realistic or a pipe dream.

If you are an engineer just beginning your career and have a desire...

Having a career management plan in place even if you have already completed your education is just as important especially if you are just starting out in your career.

If you are an engineer just beginning your career and have a desire to rise to a certain level the same principles apply as I mentioned above.

Where are you right now?

Where do you want to get to?

What are the costs to get there and are you willing to pay that cost?

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Having a Career Management Plan is Critical to your Future!

There are a lot of very important things in your life but not many more important than having a solid Career Management Plan for your future! Just like a brand new business trying to get off the ground without a Business Plan, your Career is no different! I can give you example after example of other activities trying to do something without first laying out a specific plan. Whenever an airplane leaves the ground they must submit a flight plan! When a ship leaves the harbor it must leave a course that they will be following. Your Career is no different! You need to layout a plan in order to know if you are staying on course or not!

A Career Management Plan starts with understanding where you are right now in your career. If you needed to get to somewhere and you had a map, you would first find out where you are located on that map. Then the map is useful in showing you a direction on how to get to the location you are wanting to be. Your Career is the same. How do you know if you will need more education if you don't already know what skills you possess today? So take some time and review all the educational and professional experience you have up to this point in your life. This also must be realistic. Don't claim a skill that you are not confident that you can perform. If it is a computer skill then you better know it, or it will have to go on the list of needing more training.

Oh no I brought up the word plan again

Once you have laid out all your previous educational and professional experiences the next thing to list on your Career Management Plan would be your immediate or short term goals. So what is a immediate or short term goal? That would be a goal that you can achieve relatively quickly. Along with setting this or these goals it is critical that you lay out a plan to achieve them! Oh no I brought up the word plan again. But the fact is unless you are going to fly by the seat of your pants through your life you better get used to making a plan to achieve your goals. Don't tell me that you have one in your head, because if you are like most people it will be adjusted to find the least path of resistance. This mean in simple terms the easiest way, or lazy mans way!

So as an example if one of your short term goals is to learn how to operate a specific computer program like Microsoft Excel, then you may have as your plan to purchase the program and enroll in a class at a specific learning center. Remember this plan must be very specific. I would include dates that it will be accomplished by. It should include details like the cost of the program and/or the class. Every successful Career Management Plan will give a direct path to how it will be accomplished. The more detailed the plan the better chances of it being carried out. You may want to place this somewhere you will review it daily!

In other words don't place on your short term goal to be the Vice President of the Microsoft organization if you don't even work for them yet

As part of your Career Management Plan you will also include intermediate and long term goals. These should also be realistic and achievable; however, they will become a little more flexible. You will still write out a plan to achieve them that makes sense, but it will be less in stone. As you are moving through your short term goals you may be continually adjusting the intermediate and long term goals so that they remain viable.

Of course your ultimate goal of creating a Career Management Plan is to achieve your career goals. So the short, intermediate and long term goals should include your career minded goals as well. Again, they must be realistic and not general in nature. In other words don't place on your short term goal to be the Vice President of the Microsoft organization if you don't even work for them yet. Of course I am exaggerating but I hope you understand my point!

A mentor can be a very valuable asset to you if they are brutally honest and challenge you to meet your goals

I believe a very important phase of your Career Management Plan is to find a mentor. Generally the mentor that you select should be someone that is in the field you are hoping to pursue. Keep in mind that you can have more than one mentor. An example of this would be to have mentor for your professional career and one for specifically a leadership style that you like. A mentor can be a very valuable asset to you if they are brutally honest and challenge you to meet your goals. Almost like a physical trainer! You don't need someone that will just agree with everything you say or do!

As I stated in the beginning a Career Management Plan is a critical piece of your being successful. Yes you may get lucky without one, and many do! But many more are not and end up struggling in life wishing that they would have taken a different course along the way. Some wish they would have went to college, or taken up a different field of study. Some wish they wouldn't have followed the money so much that they ended up having money but hating their jobs.

As my last words I will leave you with just this old saying! Plan your Work and Work your Plan!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

Every professional needs to have a plan in place for their personal Career Management and Development Plan!

Every professional needs to have a plan in place for their personal Career Management and Development Plan. The old saying, "Plan your Work and Work your Plan", is so very important when it comes to your own career. Don't leave things to chance when so much is at stake. Whether you are looking for the right career choice or are already working in your desired field it is critical to look down the road so that you make the right decisions and not let circumstance make those decisions for you.

One of the first things you should be doing when putting your Career Management and Development Plan into place is creating your resume. Now I'm not talking about just throwing the typical resume together and having that mass produced for every position you wish to apply for! No I'm talking about truly understanding your own personal professional background and how it relates to each and every position you apply for. This means that you need to research yourself and put together your life experiences, whether educational or personal, that lend themselves to your career choice. Take an inventory of your life and start with making notes about your accomplishments. Then move on to all your educational experiences, whether formal or informal. Keeping going from the earliest you can remember keeping a timeline. Now all this will not go into your resume; however, your resume will be designed around each and every individual position you apply for.

Another important part of your Career Management and Development Plan is to research the career field you are wishing to go into! Who are the leaders in that field? Get to know and understand their path and what makes them exceptional at their jobs! What schools and/or training did they complete? What type of personality do they possess? What is their personal life like? Get to know them very well so that you can see what it may take for you to achieve the same.

Step three in your Career Management and Development Plan is to learn as much about the Companies that employ individuals with your Career path! Get to know those companies and what makes them successful! Dig deep into their history and find out everything you can so that you reference anything significant during an interview. Just remember knowledge is power! The more you know the better off you will be able to use that information to your advantage. Now lam not talking about researching only those companies you wish to work for, but every company that utilizes someone with your career path!

Finally, you need to find a mentor that has your same career path! Preferably it will be someone that has more experience that you can draw upon. Remember a mentor is not a teacher but someone to help guide you to where you need to go! This means a good listener and someone that can be brutally honest with you. You don't want someone that will just agree with everything you are doing, but someone that will give you the truth. This may be the hardest part of your Career Management and Development Plan. A mentor is a valuable part of your development and don't settle for just anyone. It will be one of the best moves you can make toward achieving your goals.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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