Business Plan Format - Presenting your Business Plan Correcting is Critical

1. Business Plan Format - Write an Executive Summary:

The executive summary is a short concise one to two page summary of your business idea. This must be convencing without stretching the truth. It becomes almost like a sales pitch filled with solid facts. But not too many facts! This may also be written like a vision statement to some degree.

Your executive summary may start out something like this:

This coffee shop business plan is for “Perkup”, a new innovative yet comfortable coffee shop located in a upscale neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Perkup will focus on gourmet blends of coffee, while still preparing the more traditional flavors all from organically grown coffee beans. The focus on organic coffee beans is based on Perkup’s commitment to a more health conscious individual.

This is just a sample of how a business plan format could be written for the beginning of your executive summary. Of course you will have to go on to add many other short pieces to this such as, Customers, Services, Management, Sales, Marketing, etc. I personally use Business Plan Pro to help me with my business plan format, which will format it correctly.

3. Business Plan Format - Description of your Product(s) or Service(s):

This is an opportunity to describe your service(s) or product(s) and how they are any different from the competition in the sales area that you intend to market them.

Perkup will provide top notch service of high quality organically grown hot and cold coffee products, including the finest whole coffee beans along with onsite home made cold sandwiches and pastry products. Our products will always include all natural products that have been organically grown. This includes any the meats used for our sandwiches, to the breads we prepare them on. Our customers, who will be very health conscious individuals, will know from the moment they walk through our doors that we only represent the finest of the organic ingredients available on the market today. Perkup has teamed up with one of the finest Nutritionist in the business today.

Again, this is just a sample and must include more substance about where you will get the products, and what makes them different from your competition.

4. Business Plan Format - A Market Analysis:

One of the most forgotten elements of any business plan! Yes people will add verbiage and data into this section; however, most won’t take it serious when they do it. I know because I was one of those individuals and my business failed and failed quickly. Not until I took the market analysis piece seriously did I become successful.

In the United States, and especially in the Northwestern United States, gourmet coffee has continued to grow in popularity in an alarming way. At the same time our country has a segment of the population that is growing rapidly who considers healthy foods as a vital piece of their daily lives. Perkup intends to capitalize and cater to this element of the population, by offering the finest organically grown coffee beans and homemade sandwiches and pastries. All of this while enjoying a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In this section you would go on to explain how the segment of the population you are targeting is going to find your coffee shop. This must include hard data and the business plan format should be in a way that shows charts and graphs if possible. They will make a point fast and accurately. 5. Business Plan Format - A Strategy and Implementation:

In this section of your business plan format you will explain how you will market your product and provide potential and realistic sales projections. This is a very critical piece of your business plan presentation.

Perkup is located within walking distance of the University of Washington and we intend to have a strong marketing presence to the students. We intend to offer free Wi-Fi and an environment that is comfortable, cozy, yet includes areas that can enhance someone that is doing their studies. The majority of our focus will be on the student, whether young or old, nor give no preference to the type of degree program someone may be in. Based on our research there 23% of the student body has an interest in healthy foods and has the financial status to become a frequent customer of Perkup. Additionally, the population in the local area matches up perfectly with our focus on organic products.

In this section you would go on to give sales projects that are realistic. Be careful not to assume that just because 23% of the student population may be interested in your coffee shop that they will visit it.

6. Business Plan Format - A Management Summary:

This is your opportunity to explain your ability to manage this new business idea. This is a critical piece to securing finances. You must be able to establish that you have the ability to make this business successful.

Perkup will be managed and operated by an individual that received their formal training in nutrition from the Universtity of Washington, Seattle. The entire management team will be made up of individuals that believe in hands on management in order to reduce the cost of operation, while also eliminating the burden of a large employee staff. The owner of Perkup has spent the last ten years training for this opportunity by working with an organization that had them responsible for traveling the country and world for the finest coffee beans. Because of their focus on nutrition Perkup’s top manager understand and knows where to purchase the finest organically grown coffee beans.

7. Business Plan Format - A Financial Plan:

This is also critical data for securing financial backing. This will contain key financial data, such as potential sales, your cash flow, and projected profits.

Perkup intends to contribute 25% of the necessary projected funds to start up and carry it through the first year of operation. This includes either the rental or purchase of the equipment and supplies. Rental in some cases offers a more cost effective means of acquiring the equipment. Based on our well researched sales projections Perkup expects to become profitable after its fifth month of operation. Going forward from the fifth month it expects to obtain a profit margin of 8% on sales of $18,467 per month. Those sales projections are expected to increase by 3.5% each month thereafter.

The financial information used in this section must be shown in detail based on truthful data. Charts and graphs are a necessary part of this section. Business Plan Pro is a fantastic tool to assist you in this process!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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