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Not using business development plan software when you are contemplating a new business idea is like not using soap when you take a shower! Who would do that? During your business plan preparation process remember the key thing to remember is "Junk In - Junk Out!" If your business fails don't blame the business planning software for it. Blame yourself for not doing the home work up front!

Business development plan software will help drive you in the right direction so that you are addressing the correct issues. The software is designed to force you to address those issues and that is where the "Junk In - Junk Out" comes into play. If you don't take the questions seriously and research and arrive at the right information to input you will get junk out. Do your research.

Without cash flow you will not stay in business!

I hate to keep hounding about making sure you have a well thought out marketing plan, but it is just that important. Without the right marketing plan you will not have sufficient sales. Without sufficient sales you will not have cash flow. Without cash flow you will not stay in business. Your business development plan software must lead you to what type of marketing plan you will need and who is your market. One of the most basic questions as a business owner is who is your market, i.e., who is your customer?

If you fail to research that question thoroughly you will fail. Keep in mind that you may have more than just one market that you will need to target. For instance if you are selling commercial cleaning supplies your market may be in several areas, such as, health care, educational institutions, food service, commercial janitorial companies, etc. You may wish to target only local companies or enter the World Wide Web and go global. You will tailor your marketing plan to your potential customer. Don't try to be all things to all people, because it just doesn't work.

Another piece of having a solid business development plan!

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Another piece of having a solid business development plan software is taking a close look at your management team, even if that team is only you. Truly ask yourself what your talents are and what will you need to go out and get elsewhere. If you are not good at sales and you are in the business of selling things, you better consider bringing someone else to the table. Sales are the life's blood to a company and without them you are sailing a sinking vessel. You may leave the dock and see calm seas ahead, but you are taking on water and going to sink.

There are many more important factors to a business plan that your business development plan software can be a tremendous help to you with, but remember more than anything to take your preparation seriously. Everything from your first years financial forecasts to your market analysis make sure your are being honest with yourself. Your business plan is not a tool just used for seeking financial assistance and then put down and forgotten. It is a vital part of your future success!

May God Bless You and Good Luck!

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