Are Drugs a Personal Choice
Ask Me My Son Has Bipolar Schizophrenia Disorder!

Anyone that proclaims that drugs are a personal choice does not have a child with bipolar schizophrenia disorder!

We adopted our son over twenty four years ago after he was born addicted to cocaine thanks to his biological mother. She even tried to deny that she was using! The sad facts were that she was not only using cocaine on a regular basis but she was also drinking heavily and using meth as well!

I guess some would believe she has a right to make those types of personal choices! Just as some believe that a woman has the right to choose what she does with her own body, like abort a living child before it is born, she should also be allowed to ingest anything into her body during that pregnancy as well. After all it is pro-choice, right?

When an individual is struck with bipolar schizophrenia disorder along with extreme paranoia they do things like call the police (911) because they believe one of the voices in their head is trying to assassinate them. These voices are very real to my son! So real he was terrified that they were trying to kill him. The character in his mind was a female who was out to get him!

When the police arrived they immediately recognized that our son had a mental illness and he was taken to a locked mental health facility! A locked mental health facility is one that places you in a locked ward and you are not permitted to leave until a mental health professional clears you. So the irony to this is that he called the police for help and they had him locked up! As a result now he sees the police as the enemy!

Keep in mind that I don’t fault the police for this result! They are only doing what they need to do to protect the public. I blame his biological mother and father! They knowingly took harmful drugs during pregnancy in such large amounts he was born addicted. He spent the first three months of his life going through withdrawals. He spent his childhood with ADHD, ODD, OCD, and childhood bipolar disorder. Between eighteen and nineteen he developed bipolar schizophrenia disorder! So are drugs a personal choice?

How about when your adult son screams at you to stop while you are walking across his bedroom because he believes you are about to fall into a deep bottomless pit that he sees clearly in your path! After I stop he asks me why I almost stepped off into the bottomless pit? He is visibly shaken with fear that I almost fell into it. It was very real to him! He can thank his biological mom for giving him bipolar schizophrenia disorder!

Another time we found our son walking the streets and stopped to pick him up! After he got into the car he began to cry uncontrollably. We asked him what in the world was the matter! He began begging us to go and get him from the State Mental Hospital! He kept repeating this and asking us why we left him there. When we tried to let him know he was in the car he kept telling us that he was only an illusion to us and that we needed to go get him. That is bipolar schizophrenia!

These are only a couple of examples of living with someone with bipolar schizophrenia disorder! We love our son and will continue to help him as long as we live, but like any parents we worry what will happen to him after we are gone.

He did nothing on his own to deserve this. There are many out there just like him that will struggle with a mental illness because of a biological parents choice.

I recognize that life isn’t fair in all cases, but when we can do things that might help as a society we must do the right thing.

Thank you and may God bless you,

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